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Finding your home school is the first step towards joining our school community. Enter your address and your child’s grade level into our School Locator tool to find detailed information about your OCSB home school. Click on the “Use School Locator” button to get started.

Our schools rank above provincial EQAO average

If you choose an Ottawa Catholic high school for your child, you can rest assured they will be receiving one of the best learning experiences in the province. OCSB schools consistently rank above the Ontario average in all provincial assessments by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

Please refer to the EQAO website for more information.

Virtual learning at the OCSB

We’ve opened two permanent Virtual Schools this year. Each with its own dedicated administration team and school name.

Read more about the announcement of the opening of these new schools.

These names will honour the spirit of a Catholic virtual learning environment and reflect an inclusive community as a whole. Our new Virtual Schools are intended for students who learn best in the online environment. Each school has its own dedicated administration team and school name. Students attending Virtual Schools will join other virtual students from across the city and form a virtual Catholic School community.

Can we switch back to in-person learning?

This is meant to be a permanent change, not a temporary learning solution before returning to in-person learning. After starting virtual school next year, if you find that this is not the best learning environment for your child, you may request a Transfer Between Schools in the “Cross-boundary transfers” section on our Boundaries page. Transfer Between Schools is not guaranteed and can only happen if there is room for your child at the school.

Listing of OCSB schools

Find your school quickly with our convenient searchable directory. View each school’s location, grades, hours, staff, and contact information. Link to each school’s website to learn more about their school community.

Covering an area of approximately 2,900 square kilometres, the Ottawa Catholic School Board is an all encompassing urban, suburban and rural board located in Eastern Ontario. With a full-time equivalent teaching and non-teaching staff of over 4,600, we operate 85 schools (69 elementary, 1 intermediate, and 15 high schools) as well as one adult high school and four adult education centres. We are nationally recognized for our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and creativity. We provide a distinctive education with a special emphasis on student success and spiritual growth to approximately 42,800 full-time students.

School Directory (all OCSB schools)Administration/Contact
All Saints High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: AllSaints.High@ocsb.ca
Website: ash.ocsb.ca
Assumption SchoolJK to 6)
Email: Assumption@ocsb.ca
Blessed Carlo Virtual School

Please Note: Blessed Carlo Virtual Elementary School will no longer be offering kindergarten at this time.
JK to 6)
Email: Carlo.Virtual@ocsb.ca
Chapel Hill Catholic SchoolJK to 6
Email: Chapel.Hill@ocsb.caWebsite: cha.ocsb.ca
Convent Glen Catholic School
JK to 6
Email: Convent.Glen@ocsb.ca
Website: con.ocsb.ca
Corpus Christi SchoolJK to 6
Email: Corpus.Christi@ocsb.ca
Website: cch.ocsb.ca
Divine Infant SchoolJK to 6
Email: Divine.Infant@ocsb.ca
Website: div.ocsb.ca
Dr. F.J. McDonald Catholic SchoolJK to 6
Email: FJ.McDonald@ocsb.ca
Website: dfj.ocsb.ca
Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate SchoolGrade 7 to 8
Email: Frank.Ryan@ocsb.ca
Website: rya.ocsb.ca
Georges Vanier Catholic SchoolJK to 6
Email: Georges.Vanier@ocsb.ca
Website: geo.ocsb.ca
Good Shepherd SchoolJK to 6
Email: Good.Shepherd@ocsb.ca
Website: goo.ocsb.ca
Guardian Angels SchoolJK to 6
Email: Guardian.Angels@ocsb.ca
Website: gua.ocsb.ca
Holy Cross SchoolJK to 6
Email: Holy.Cross@ocsb.ca
Website: hcr.ocsb.ca
Holy Family SchoolJK to 6
Email: Holy.Family@ocsb.ca
Website: hfa.ocsb.ca
Holy Redeemer SchoolJK to 6
Email: Holy.Redeemer@ocsb.ca
Website: red.ocsb.ca
Holy Spirit SchoolJK to 6
Email: Holy.Spirit@ocsb.ca
Website: spi.ocsb.ca
Holy Trinity Catholic High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: HolyTrinity.High@ocsb.ca
Website: trh.ocsb.ca
Immaculata High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Immaculata.High@ocsb.ca
Website: imh.ocsb.ca
Lester B. Pearson Catholic High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: LesterBPearson.High@ocsb.ca
Website: lbh.ocsb.ca
M.F. McHugh Education CentreSpecial Education Centre
Email: MF.McHugh@ocsb.ca
Website: mfm.ocsb.ca
Monsignor Paul Baxter SchoolJK to 6
Email: Monsignor.Baxter@ocsb.ca
Website: mpb.ocsb.ca
Notre Dame High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: NotreDame.High@ocsb.ca
Website: ndh.ocsb.ca
Our Lady of Fatima SchoolJK to 6
Email: OurLady.Fatima@ocsb.ca
Website: olf.ocsb.ca
Our Lady of Mount Carmel SchoolJK to 6
Email: OurLady.MountCarmel@ocsb.ca
Website: olm.ocsb.ca
Our Lady of Peace SchoolJK to 6
Email: OurLady.Peace@ocsb.ca
Website: pea.ocsb.ca
Our Lady of Victory SchoolJK to 6
Email: OurLady.Victory@ocsb.ca
Website: olv.ocsb.ca
Our Lady of Wisdom SchoolJK to 6
Email: OurLady.Wisdom@ocsb.ca
Website: wis.ocsb.ca
Prince of Peace SchoolJK to 6
Email: Prince.Peace@ocsb.ca
Website: pop.ocsb.ca
Queen of Angels Adult High SchoolAdult Education Centre
Email: QueenAngels.Adult@ocsb.ca
Website: http://conted.ocsb.ca/adult-programs
Sacred Heart High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: SacredHeart.High@ocsb.ca
Website: shh.ocsb.ca
St. Andrew SchoolJK to 6
Email: Andrew@ocsb.ca
Website: and.ocsb.ca
St. Anne SchoolJK to 6
Email: Anne@ocsb.ca
Website: ann.ocsb.ca
St. Anthony SchoolJK to 6
Email: Anthony@ocsb.ca
Website: san.ocsb.ca
St. Augustine SchoolJK to 6
Email: Augustine@ocsb.ca
Website: sau.ocsb.ca
St. Benedict SchoolJK to 6
Email: Benedict@ocsb.ca
Website: ben.ocsb.ca
St. Bernadette SchoolJK to 6
Email: Bernadette@ocsb.ca
Website: sbe.ocsb.ca
St. Bernard SchoolJK to 6
Email: Bernard@ocsb.ca
Website: ber.ocsb.ca
St. Brigid SchoolJK to 6
Email: Brigid@ocsb.ca
Website: sbr.ocsb.ca
St. Brother André SchoolJK to 6
Email: Brother.Andre@ocsb.ca
Website: ban.ocsb.ca
St. Catherine SchoolJK to 6
Email: Catherine@ocsb.ca
Website: cat.ocsb.ca
St. Cecilia SchoolJK to 6
Email: Cecilia@ocsb.ca
Website: sce.ocsb.ca
St. Clare SchoolJK to 6
Email: Clare@ocsb.ca
Website: cla.ocsb.ca
St. Daniel SchoolJK to 6
Email: Daniel@ocsb.ca
Website: sda.ocsb.ca
St. Dominic SchoolJK to 6
Email: Dominic@ocsb.ca
Website: dom.ocsb.ca
St. Elizabeth SchoolJK to 6
Email: Elizabeth@ocsb.ca
Website: sel.ocsb.ca
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton SchoolJK to 6
Email: ElizabethAnn.Seton@ocsb.ca
Website: eli.ocsb.ca
St. Emily SchoolJK to 6
Email: Emily@ocsb.ca
Website: emi.ocsb.ca
St. Francis of Assisi SchoolJK to 6
Email: Francis.Assisi@ocsb.ca
Website: fra.ocsb.ca
St. Francis Xavier High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: FrancisXavier.High@ocsb.ca
Website: fxh.ocsb.ca
St. Gabriel SchoolJK to 6
Email: Gabriel@ocsb.ca
Website: gab.ocsb.ca
St. Gemma SchoolJK to 6
Email: Gemma@ocsb.ca
Website: gem.ocsb.ca
St. George SchoolJK to 6
Email: George@ocsb.ca
Website: sge.ocsb.ca
St. Gianna SchoolJK to 6
Email: Gianna@ocsb.ca
Website: https://gia.ocsb.ca/home
St. Gregory SchoolJK to 6
Email: Gregory@ocsb.ca
Website: gre.ocsb.ca
St. Isabel SchoolJK to 6
Email: Isabel@ocsb.ca
Website: isa.ocsb.ca
St. Isidore SchoolJK to 6
Email: Isidore@ocsb.ca
Website: isi.ocsb.ca
St. James SchoolJK to 6
Email: James@ocsb.ca
Website: jam.ocsb.ca
St. Jerome SchoolJK to 6
Email: Jerome@ocsb.ca
Website: jer.ocsb.ca
St. John XXIII SchoolJK to 6
Email: John.XXIII@ocsb.ca
Website: joh.ocsb.ca
St. John Paul II SchoolJK to 6
Email: JohnPaul.II@ocsb.ca
Website: jpa.ocsb.ca
St. John the Apostle SchoolJK to 6
Email: John.Apostle@ocsb.ca
Website: apo.ocsb.ca
St. Josephine Virtual High SchoolJK to 6
Email: Josephine.Virtual@ocsb.ca
Website: virtualacademy.ocsb.ca/
St. Joseph High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Joseph.High@ocsb.ca
Website: sjh.ocsb.ca
St. Joseph's Adult SchoolAdult Education Centre
Email: Joseph.Adult@ocsb.ca
Website: http://conted.ocsb.ca/adult-programs
St. Juan Diego SchoolJK to 6
Email: Juan.Diego@ocsb.ca
Website: jua.ocsb.ca
St. Kateri Tekakwitha SchoolJK to 6
Email: Kateri.Tekakwitha@ocsb.ca
Website: kat.ocsb.ca
St. Leonard SchoolJK to 6
Email: Leonard@ocsb.ca
Website: leo.ocsb.ca
St. Luke School, NepeanJK to 6
Email: Luke.Carleton@ocsb.ca
Website: luk.ocsb.ca
St. Luke School, OttawaJK to 6
Email: Luke.Ottawa@ocsb.ca
Website: slu.ocsb.ca
St. Marguerite d'Youville SchoolJK to 6
Email: Marguerite.dYouville@ocsb.ca
Website: smy.ocsb.ca
St. Mark High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Mark.High@ocsb.ca
Website: mrh.ocsb.ca
St. Martin de Porres SchoolJK to 6
Email: Martin.DePorres@ocsb.ca
Website: mrt.ocsb.ca
St. Mary SchoolJK to 6
Email: Mary.Carleton@ocsb.ca
Website: mry.ocsb.ca
St. Mary's Home - Immaculata Achievement CentreEmail: immaculata.High@ocsb.ca
St. Matthew High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Matthew.High@ocsb.ca
Website: mth.ocsb.ca
St. Michael School, CorkeryJK to 6
Email: Michael.Corkery@ocsb.ca
Website: mic.ocsb.ca
St. Michael School, FitzroyJK to 8
Email: Michael.Fitzroy@ocsb.ca
Website: mif.ocsb.ca
St. Michael School, OttawaJK to 6
Email: Michael.Ottawa@ocsb.ca
Website: smi.ocsb.ca
St. Monica SchoolJK to 6
Email: Monica@ocsb.ca
Website: mon.ocsb.ca
St. Mother Teresa High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: MotherTeresa.High@ocsb.ca
Website: teh.ocsb.ca
St. Nicholas Adult High School, CentralAdult Education Centre
Email: NicholasAdult.High@ocsb.ca
Website: stnicholas.ocsb.ca
St. Nicholas Adult High School, WestAdult Education Centre
Email: NicholasAdult.High@ocsb.ca
Website: stnicholas.ocsb.ca
St. Patrick SchoolJK to 6
Email: Patrick@ocsb.ca
Website: pat.ocsb.ca
St. Patrick's Adult SchoolAdult Education Centre
Email: Patrick.Adult@ocsb.ca
Website: http://conted.ocsb.ca/adult-programs
St. Patrick's High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Patrick.High@ocsb.ca
Website: sph.ocsb.ca
St. Paul High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Paul.High@ocsb.ca
Website: pah.ocsb.ca
St. Peter High SchoolGrade 7 to 12
Email: Peter.High@ocsb.ca
Website: peh.ocsb.ca
St. Philip SchoolJK to 6
Email: Philip@ocsb.ca
Website: phi.ocsb.ca
St. Pius X High SchoolGrade 9 to 12
Email: PiusX.High@ocsb.ca
Website: pih.ocsb.ca
St. Rita SchoolJK to 6
Email: Rita@ocsb.ca
Website: rit.ocsb.ca
St. Rose of Lima SchoolJK to 6
Email: Rose.Lima@ocsb.ca
Website: ros.ocsb.ca
St. Stephen SchoolJK to 6
Email: Stephen@ocsb.ca
Website: ste.ocsb.ca
St. Theresa SchoolJK to 6
Email: Theresa@ocsb.ca
Website: the.ocsb.ca
St. Thomas More SchoolJK to 6
Email: Thomas.More@ocsb.ca
Website: stm.ocsb.ca
St. Veronica SchoolJK to 6
Email: veronica@ocsb.ca
Website: ver.ocsb.ca
Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic SchoolJK to 6
Email: ThomasDArcy.McGee@ocsb.ca
Website: mcg.ocsb.ca

Frequently asked questions

Why are there school boundaries?

Each school has a boundary associated with it. The boundary is also known as zone, catchment area or attendance area. This means that even though you and a friend live in the same neighbourhood, your children could have different “home” schools because one of you may live right on the edge of the boundary line. If you would like to register your child in an OCSB school that is not their home school, you will need to apply for a Cross-Boundary Transfer. To apply for a cross-boundary transfer, you must first contact your home school unless it’s for reasons related to childcare. View our detailed School Boundary Maps.

Why did more than one school appear?

If more than one school appears in your results, you live in an option area. This means you have a choice of which school your child can attend. These areas exist to sometimes improve balance between schools, address overcrowding at school, or phase in a proposed boundary change. Once you choose to attend a particular school in an option area, you remain at that school unless you move to a new address. Contact Planning@ocsb.ca for more information about option areas.

Why did no school name appear?

The data in the school locator is for the current school year only. Attendance boundary adjustments and new residential street network data is continuously updated in the school locator to provide the most accurate search results. However, data for some new home constructions or other anomalies may not yet be included. Official confirmation of school eligibility must be obtained by contacting the respective school.

Safe learning environments so your child can thrive

At every Ottawa Catholic school, we strive to create safe, inclusive and accepting learning environments. When children know they’re safe, welcome and are valuable members of our school community, they are free to thrive in their learning. That’s why we have policies and procedures in place to promote healthy and welcoming schools throughout Ottawa. Learn more about these important policies and initiatives: