Explore Kindergarten at the OCSB

Explore the wonderful world of Kindergarten at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Where children learn through play, curiosity is encouraged and amplified through a Deep Learning Framework. Deep Learning harnesses the power of imagination and promotes students’ voices and positive action.

Register Your Child for Kindergarten

If your child turns four by December 31, 2024, they will be ready to start Kindergarten in September 2024.

Kindergarten Overview

  • We offer a fully bilingual Kindergarten program with 50% English instruction and 50% French instruction;
  • We focus on the four frames of learning – Belonging & Contributing, Demonstrating Math & Literacy Behaviours, Self Regulation & Well Being and Problem Solving & Innovating;
  • We offer Extended Day Programs in our schools for continuity of programming and family convenience.

Do you still have questions about our Kindergarten program? We’ve put together a document answering your Frequently Asked Questions.

Welcoming Families of All Faiths

Children of all religions are welcome to join the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Our approach to educating your child is inclusive, honouring the dignity of every child and respecting all beliefs, in keeping with our Catholic social teachings. Our educators encourage students to celebrate diversity and advocate for inclusion. At the OCSB, faith is at the heart of everything we do. Once you register for Kindergarten, you become part of our OCSB family. We will journey with you from registration – to the first day of school – to graduation.

We Do It Your Way

The OCSB Kindergarten program provides maximum flexibility to accommodate our family’s busy lives. At the OCSB, we put families first. If parents or guardians want their child to attend Kindergarten only in the afternoons or four days a week instead of the usual five, we will respect and honour that. The OCSB believes in working in partnership with families to ensure student success and well-being.

It Takes a Village

Kindergarten is an adventure. Although no two days are the same, one thing remains constant. Our students feel safe, supported and encouraged as they learn through play accompanied by a team of professional and compassionate educators and support staff. Who include English and French-speaking teachers and early childhood educators.

Learning Through Play

The heart of our two-year Bilingual Kindergarten program is learning through play. Play is the building blocks needed for every child’s development. The art of play is the foundation of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills, which paves the way for learning.

Helping Your Child Identify and Regulate Emotions

Self-regulation is central to your child’s ability to learn. That is why all OCSB classrooms have a safe place where children can regroup if they feel overwhelmed, tired or sad. The ability to self-regulate or calm oneself is a cornerstone of development and plays a large part in the OCSB’s kindergarten programming. OCSB educators help students find effective ways to feel emotionally centred so they can play, learn and better interact with their peers.

Lifetime Skills

All OCSB educators use Deep Learning practices in their teaching. Deep Learning is more than a teaching style – it is learning that sticks with you for life. Deep Learning connects students to real-world, authentic problem-solving. Deep Learning activates the brain and engages the heart to live our gospel values.

Supported School Readiness Program

Help your child start school on the right foot through the Supported School Readiness Program. Offered in partnership with the Licensed Home Child Care Network of Ottawa, this program offers home visits and support during the first weeks of school to all children entering Kindergarten for the first time. Families participating in this program connect with a Child Development Advisor leading up to the start of school who will share resources and suggest activities to prepare your child for school. When school starts they will also be at the school during the first week to help your child transition to Kindergarten.

The Supported School Readiness Program is available at the following OCSB schools:

  • Assumption School
  • Divine Infant School
  • Our Lady of Victory School
  • Prince of Peace School
  • St. Brother André School
  • St. Elizabeth School
  • St. John Paul II School
  • St. Michael School, Ottawa
  • T.D. McGee Catholic School
  • St. Luke (Ottawa)