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Advertising in our schools

All organizations wishing to promote family oriented programs/events in our schools – offered by non-profit community associations and organizations and government departments – must first receive approval from the Ottawa Catholic School Board, in order to ensure the programs/events are compatible with our educational programs and Catholic teachings.

To be considered under our Clearinghouse policy, please forward a copy of the flyer/poster or e-mail invitation that you wish to disseminate to the contact information listed on the right-hand side of this webpage. Associations and organizations may also disseminate information by making a direct request from the to the school(s) to submit an article for inclusion in the school newspaper or to deliver hard copy flyers, brochures or posters for the distribution to students. Ultimately, each school determines whether they will promote or participate in these programs or events.

Electronic advertising is best

Please note that electronic messaging is encouraged in keeping with our Board’s environmental initiatives. Once approved, our Board is able to send your e-mail invitation out to every school in the system on your behalf.

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