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Why choose an OCSB school?

Ottawa Catholic schools are at the core of every vibrant neighbourhood in the city, instilling a love for learning and innovation in every student. Wherever you live in Ottawa, you can trust that there is an OCSB school nearby, with a community ready to welcome your family. Here are just a few reasons families choose an OCSB school for their children.

We prepare your child for the future with Deep Learning

We believe children are capable of so much more than just memorizing facts and figures. They need to be empowered to create, connect, and impact the world around them with their gifts and talents. That’s why every OCSB school uses a “deep learning” approach to education. This approach equips your child with the right skills and competencies for their future careers– even ones that don’t exist yet!

Our learning communities are inspired by faith

As you might expect from a Catholic school board, faith is at the heart of everything we do. We know that the best education we can offer is one that nurtures your whole child– not just their mind and body– but their spirit too! Our values are thoughtfully integrated into our school life and learning so your child has a welcoming and inclusive environment to learn, explore and grow.

We offer diverse, inclusive and safe spaces for all

A great way you can see our faith in action is through our approach to equity, diversity and inclusion. We know, acknowledge and celebrate that each person in our community was uniquely created by God, so our schools strive to be spaces that honour the dignity of all people.

French opportunities at every OCSB school

All OCSB schools offer the same pathways to French, so there’s no need to go to a different school if your child chooses the French immersion route. And it works! Our highly successful approach results in impressive amounts of students earning French Immersion and Core French certificates at graduation. With highly qualified and passionate teachers, as well as numerous extra-curricular opportunities, our schools develop a love for French that lasts students a lifetime.

We support the well-being of our whole community

We often describe our community as “the OCSB family” because of how supportive and caring our students, parents and staff are to each other. We all work together to ensure children feel safe and supported at school. Alongside our wonderful teaching staff, we have a wealth of trained professionals to support the needs of your child, whatever their needs might be.