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Why choose an OCSB school?

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is more than just school buildings spread out across the nation’s capital. Our schools are at the core of every vibrant neighbourhood in the city, instilling a love for learning and innovation in every student. Wherever you live in Ottawa, you can trust that there is an OCSB school nearby equipped with all of the right tools to help your child succeed.

Welcoming communities for students

Children are multi-faceted; they deserve an education which supports all aspects of their development. This is why we approach education with the whole child in mind – ensuring they have safe spaces where their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs are nurtured. We provide our students with an education that is grounded in Catholic principles and respects the universal values of all faiths. We strive to provide the highest quality education in a safe, diverse and respectful community, while emphasizing the importance of social responsibility. Along with encouraging students to achieve academic excellence, we focus on helping students develop into well-rounded adults ready to become the leaders of the future.

Engaging learning spaces

Every one of our schools brings its own flare to the school community, with flexible learning spaces designed to enhance each child’s learning experience. Our students get to take advantage of collaborative working environments like makerspaces, self-regulation areas, and creative learning commons (libraries). Our innovative classrooms help our educators deliver focused, purposeful lessons, and prepare our students to thrive in the world they will live in when they graduate.

In fact, we’re nationally recognized for our innovation! Our Board was selected by the Canadian Education Association (CEA) out of 35 school districts from across Canada to participate in the “Innovation that Sticks” Case Study Program. CEA will research how we have created a “digital ecosystem” focusing on collaboration, creativity and critical thinking within our schools.

Equal opportunities at every school

All of our schools offer the same French Immersion pathways, English as a Second Language (ESL) support, special education, and a variety of child care options. This provides added stability for your child to attend the same school as their neighbourhood friends regardless of the learning pathway they select. Once they enter their neighbourhood high school, a new world of opportunity opens up with a wide variety of course options and specialized programs at every school.

Our schools rank above provincial EQAO average

If you choose an Ottawa Catholic high school for your child, you can rest assured they will be receiving one of the best learning experiences in the province. OCSB schools consistently rank above the Ontario average in all provincial assessments by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

Please refer to the EQAO website for more information.