Equity at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

Guided by Catholic social teachings, we strive to be an inclusive learning community that embraces and values diversity, inclusion and equity. We recognize that each member of our community has a unique role to play in building learning environments that honour the dignity of all people. As an organization, we are committed to doing our part to address systemic barriers, and model the Gospel values.

A framework for equity and diversity

We recognize the value of diversity as a strength and a key to the success of our Catholic learning communities. Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Framework provides a road map to identifying and eliminating discriminatory practices and barriers faced by diverse groups in our schools.  With three areas of focus over three years, this framework demonstrates our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. These areas include leadership and human resources, school and classroom practices, and organizational structures and accountability.

Including all students in school community

We actively promote the goal of inclusion in Ottawa Catholic schools– where students with special needs participate fully in the life of their school community. Although students with very high needs may require specialized placements, wherever possible, students with special needs learn in regular classrooms with age-appropriate peers.

Building character and preparing global-minded citizens

Why strive for good grades when you can strive for good grades and a kind heart? Character and citizenship are essential competencies we seek to develop in our students. All of our schools embrace and engage in social justice initiatives that seek to make meaningful change in the world. We use a Deep Learning framework to get there. This approach to learning allows our students to connect the content they’re learning in class to meaningful causes in the world around them.