OCSB International Student Program

The Ottawa Catholic School Board’s International Student Program introduces foreign students to a world-renowned study experience right in the heart of Canada’s capital. Our unique approach to Deep Learning enables students to build on their English language skills while developing soft skills in the areas of citizenship, character, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. We also share our Catholic principles in a way that lays the foundation for strong ethical values while respecting all faiths. International students and their families can expect to gain a unique perspective of life in Canada while developing skills in English that compete on a global scale.

What is the typical student experience in the OCSB International Student Program?

A unique slice of life in Canada

The city of Ottawa offers a unique cross-section of life in Canada. We have all the trimmings of a safe and modern city while being surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. International students will be exposed to some of the best national parks, museums, galleries, sports teams, shopping, restaurants, nearby ski hills and scenery like the Rideau Canal.

An approach to education that creates deep foundations for learning excellence

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is a world leader in Deep Learning. This style of education focuses on developing your international student’s skills in six global competencies: citizenship, character, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Incorporating soft skills in these areas into education develops an unmatched penchant for learning and well-rounded leadership potential.

A competitive edge in post-secondary education

All our high schools in the Ottawa Catholic School Board offer a wide selection of courses and programs that prepare international students for a competitive student career in post-secondary education at any college or university across Canada.

A welcoming Catholic environment that expands on moral values

Our faith-based learning environment expands on the moral values already established in international students’ home countries. We share our Catholic values in a respectful and caring manner that allows students to take on the world with a good heart. 

How do you apply to the International Student Program at the OCSB?

The application process for international students involves submitting an application form and receiving a letter of acceptance from the Board, applying for a Study Permit from the Government of Canada and paying international student fees. You learn more about the admissions process at the OCSB International Student Program’s website.

Is your family here to stay in Canada long-term?

You might consider our Family Welcome Centre if your family is here to stay longer than your child’s learning period. The primary goal of the Family Welcome Centre is to aid students and their families in integrating into the community long-term. Staff in the Family Welcome Centre are well-versed in our school registration process and we can connect you with community services that ease your transition into the Ottawa community.