OCSB Elite Skilled Trades Academy

Elite Skilled Trades Academy is a unique program that enables students to gain sector-recognized certifications and Apprenticeship training while still in high school.

Who is it for?

The Elite Skilled Trades Academy is for students in grades 11 and 12 who are interested in pursuing a career in the automotive, carpentry, or masonry trade.

When do students study at the Academy?

Elite Skilled Trades Academy is a specialist 1-year focus program, broken up over one semester of grade 11 and one semester of grade 12. They will also have the ability to continue to participate in extracurriculars at their home school and graduate with their peers.

Where is it located?

The Academy is located at St. Paul High School. Transportation support may be provided for students who require it.

How does it work?

The purpose of the Academy is to simplify the pathway to Apprenticeship for students who are interested in the skilled trades.

In grade 11, students receive introductory theoretical and practical trade-specific training to help prepare them for Apprenticeship. This includes a trades-focused math course and practical training and certifications related to their chosen trade. They will also do a co-op placement in grade 11 where they will find the right employer to sign on as a registered Apprentice. That summer, they will be employed as a paid Apprentice by the same employer, while earning Apprenticeship hours.

In grade 12, students do their Level 1 Apprenticeship training course at the Academy and continue their paid co-op placement as an Apprentice. After graduation, the students will be able to continue their Apprentice journey with their employer.

What’s the advantage of the Academy?

An important distinction of the Academy is our established partnerships with employers. We seek out employers who are interested in keeping the students in their Apprenticeship program until they achieve their Red Seal Certification. Unlike post-secondary Apprenticeship programs, we help students find a job placement instead of leaving them to search on their own.

Other advantages of the Elite Skilled Trades Academy include:

  • Allowing students to explore employers before committing to an Apprenticeship.
  • Hands-on training on equipment used in the workplace.
  • Learning a trade in high school with peers of the same age and experience.
  • Free college-level Level 1 Apprenticeship training done in a high school setting.
  • Students can graduate debt-free with a job offer.

How do you apply for the Academy?

Students from any school who are committed to pursuing the skilled trades are encouraged to apply. For more information, contact your Guidance Counselor or apply using the form below.