Environment SHSM

Sector profile

The Environment is an emerging sector, as climate change and clean air and water become growing  priorities for governments around the world. The environment sector offers career opportunities in conservation, research, recreation, innovation and more to students who are interested in this field.

Program requirements

In the Environment major, students will take 9 credits in grade 11 and 12:
  • 4 environment major credits
  • 1 Math credit (Grade 11 or 12)
  • 1 English credit (Grade 11 or 12)
  • 2 co-operative education credits to gain workplace experience that helps you refine, extend and practice your environment knowledge and skills
Additionally, students will have opportunities for
  • Experiential learning, career exploration and reach-ahead activities in environment
  • Certifications and training programs in arts and culture, including:
    • 4 compulsory certifications: Standard First Aid, WHMIS (generic), CPR (Level C) with AED, Global Positioning Systems
    • 3 additional certifications and/or training courses as specified in the sector-specific guide
  • Engaging with a sector partner to explore sector-related content, skills, and knowledge involving either ICE (innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship), coding, or mathematical literacy.

Future career paths

For Environment majors, possible career paths include:

  • Apprenticeship – this sector does not yet offer apprenticeship opportunities 
  • College – conservation and fishery officer, soil testing technologist, forest ecologist, land surveyor, biological technician
  • University – environmental biolog​ist, waste diversion consultant, landscape architect, environmental and occupational toxicologist
  • Entry level workplace –  outdoor sport and recreation guide, wastewater treatment plant operator, recycled paper handler, recreation program leader

Get more information

Call the guidance department at the following schools that offer the Environment SHSM program:

  • Immaculata High School – 613-237-2001
  • Notre Dame High School – 613-722-6565