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The Ottawa-Carleton Research and Evaluation Advisory Committee (OCREAC) is made up of members from both the Ottawa Catholic School Board and the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. The role of the committee is to support and encourage research that contributes to educational knowledge by carefully reviewing proposals from external research applicants (individuals and/or organizations) to conduct non-Board initiated research. OCREAC reviews all applications to ensure that proper procedures and guidelines are adhered to when conducting research with students, parents, and staff.

How to apply for a research opportunity with the OCSB

  1. Review the OCREAC Guidelines for Conducting Non-Board Initiated Research and/or Evaluation Projects.
  2. Complete the OCREAC Research and/or Evaluation Application Form online prior to the deadline.

2023-2024 deadlines for submitting your OCREAC application

OCREAC meets five times per school year to review applications. Meetings occur within three weeks following the application deadlines, and researchers can expect to be notified of the committee’s decision within three weeks of the meeting. Please allow a total of 4-6 weeks for the processing and review of applications.

  1. September 15, 2023
  2. October 30, 2023
  3. January 8, 2024
  4. March 1, 2024
  5. April 29, 2024

OCREAC Documents

The following are reference documents meant to aid applicants in navigating different processes.


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