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Careers with the Ottawa Catholic School Board

When you start a career at the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB), you become part of a team of employees dedicated to inspiring the lives of over 42,800 students. Our 4,600+ employees make up one of the top performing school districts in the province of Ontario. All of our employees are given numerous opportunities to participate in personal, professional and spiritual growth activities throughout the year. And when we say “all” of our employees, we mean it. Our rich and fulfilling development opportunities are available to our educators, but also to our administrative staff, consultants, skilled trades workers, and liaisons.


A great place to work and learn

One of our major priorities is to support success for staff. Employees are encouraged to develop the skills they need to take on new challenges and excel in their area of expertise. We have always been a leader when it comes to the integration of technology in our schools and departments. Using technology to accelerate learning has proven to be a major contributing factor to our success.


A community that gives back

Social justice is an important dimension of our identity. The efforts of our employees in giving back to the community are truly commendable. Our departments and schools participate in numerous fundraising campaigns, charity events, pledges, food drives and other activities to help our communities. It’s no wonder our employees have a high level of job satisfaction.


A respectful work environment

It’s not only our facilities which provide comfort for our employees. Our focus on equity and inclusiveness ensures that the rights and dignity of both staff and students are protected. We respect each other’s differences, and embrace the talents and abilities of our community.

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We are constantly changing and growing, opening up new employment opportunities for eager applicants. We have ongoing requirements for a variety of employment groups, including administrative, technical, skilled trades, and student service roles. Irrespective of your occupation with the OCSB, remember that you are still part of an important team of employees who are inspiring the lives of our students.