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Register your child in an OCSB school

All OCSB schools are now open and ready to welcome you into our vibrant OCSB community. Whether your child is just entering Kindergarten for the first time or transferring from another school, we’re happy to help make the registration process a pleasant and informative experience. Once you’re ready, visit an OCSB school to begin the journey!

Complete our registration package

Registration forms are available at any OCSB school. For those wishing to get a head start, simply print off the handy registration package below before you visit us. The registration packages can be completed electronically, but cannot be saved to your computer, so make sure that you are able to print the package as soon as you have finished filling in the forms.

Bring the necessary identity documents

You will also need to bring in specific identity documents to register your child for school. We’ve provided examples of the most common documents we accept, although we may accept others, if necessary. Download your registration package, collect your documents, and visit us today!

DocumentTypes accepted
Proof of age:birth certificates, passports, and immigration documents (health cards are not accepted)
Proof of address:rental or purchase agreements, utility bills, and bank or credit card statement (driver’s licence not accepted)
School records:report cards, transcripts (Grades 9-12), or Individual Education Plans (IEPs) from your child’s previous school, if available
Baptismal certificate:Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate for either the student, a parent, step-parent, common law spouse, or non-custodial parent are acceptable for proof of Catholicity. This document would not be required if the student is accepted under our space availability provision.

Space availability for children of all faiths

Children who are baptized Catholic, or have a parent who is Catholic, are automatically eligible for registration in their community OCSB school. Children of all faiths will be welcomed on a space availability basis. At this time, there is space available in all of our schools for non-Catholic children.

Medical conditions and serious allergies

If your child has a prevalent medical condition or serious allergy, you will need to establish a plan of care with your child’s school. You will need to speak with your school Principal if anything changes throughout the year and should review your plan every year to ensure it is up to date. Different plans are required for each medical condition and will be provided to you by your school.

Immunization records

Don’t forget the important step of updating your child’s immunization records with Ottawa Public Health (OPH). While immunization records are not required to register your child in school, students are required to be vaccinated against nine diseases or have a valid exemption. Every year, OPH reviews the immunization records of all 150,000 students attending schools in Ottawa to make sure the information is up-to-date. Updates on immunizations are crucial to protect the health of students during an infectious disease outbreak. Parents are required to report all immunizations done at the doctor’s office to Ottawa Public Health. Learn more about how to report your child’s vaccines before you register your child in an OCSB school. 

Image of a mobile phone displaying and app

Keep kids in school with the CANImmunize App

CANImmunize is a digital tool for Canadians that securely stores your vaccination records and helps you get vaccinated on time. Avoid school suspensions with vaccination reporting to Ottawa Public Health.

Direction of school support

By registering your child in an OCSB school, you have chosen to support Catholic education through direction of your school support. You help foster a strong political voice through your elected representative (trustee) in ensuring your rights to a Catholic education for the young people in our province.

Validating guardianship

If you are serving as the temporary guardian of a child and would like to register them in one of our schools, you will need to submit a Guardianship form. The document must be dated and signed by the child’s parent, and the temporary guardian. If the child’s parent lives outside of Ontario, please contact the Admissions Department to make an appointment. The following wording is required in the Guardianship form prepared by the parent:

The temporary guardian of this minor student must be 21 years of age or older and named to assume daily care and responsibility of the student. The minor student must reside at the temporary guardian’s residence. This temporary guardianship letter will serve as a legal document that will allow the guardian to act in place of the parent(s) in times of emergency as well as day to day care and supervision of the student including attendance issues, discipline, and academics. The parent maintains all custodial rights and may terminate this agreement at any time.

Explore the Kindergarten program

We recognize Kindergarten as the place where your child’s learning journey begins. Our two year Kindergarten program provides unique learning opportunities and experiences to help give your child the best possible start. Our rich curriculum, which includes 50% French language instruction, sends your child home each day with something new to tell.

French pathways

Explore our French pathways

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Privacy and your child

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Contact Us

September to June – Call or visit your home school to register your child. January – Kindergarten Registration Week at all OCSB elementary schools. July and August – Register at our Summer Registration Centre.

For additional assistance, all year long, contact the OCSB Admissions Department.
Phone: 613-224-4455 Ext. 2308

International students and temporary residents

We proudly embrace diversity and welcome students from all countries. International students are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures and make new friends while receiving quality education. We welcome international students at all grade levels in our schools, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We make a special effort to help international students adjust to life in a new country.