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Explore Kindergarten at OCSB

It’s not too late to send your child to Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year! Your child can attend Kindergarten part-time or full-time in-person or online. Register by October 28 to keep a spot for your child at your local OCSB school this year. We’ll work with you to meet your family’s Kindergarten needs.

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It takes a village

When your child starts Kindergarten, they are supported by a team of talented and caring educators and support staff that included English and French-speaking teachers and early childhood educators.

Welcome families of all faiths

Children who are baptized Catholic or have a parent that is baptized are automatically eligible to attend one of our schools. Students of all other faiths are also eligible as long as we have space in the school. At this time, all of our schools have space to welcome non-Catholic children.

Learning through play

Our two-year Kindergarten program, commonly known as Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten, is designed to give your child a great foundation to learn. We work with your child to explore a variety of subjects through the power of play.

Helping your child identify and regulate emotions

In Kindergarten, we help your child learn to identify their emotions and feelings and regulate them through different activities. This will help your child as they continue to grow and mature.

French options at every school

All Ottawa Catholic schools offer pathways for your child to learn French at your neighbourhood school. In Kindergarten, your child will receive half of their instruction time in French, and half in English.

Developing skills to last a lifetime

We know that the world is changing, and changing fast. We believe that the best way to prepare our young learners for the future is to help them develop skills and competencies that they can use in careers that might not even exist today. At every Ottawa Catholic school, we focus on helping your child develop global competencies: citizenship, character, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

Register for school

If your child turns 4 by Dec 31, 2020, they can start school in-person or online (virtual program) at any time.


Registration for the 2021-2022 school year opens in January 2021.

Find your school

Complete forms and collect documents

Visit your school to register

What you need to complete and bring in:

  • Registration forms
  • Proof of age examples: birth certificate, passport, immigration documents (health card not accepted)
  • Proof of address: examples: rental or purchase agreement, utility bill, bank or credit card statement (driver’s licence not accepted)

After you’ve registered

  • Update your child’s vaccination records
  • Find out if your child is eligible for transportation
  • Register for childcare