How fast does a rocket ship go? – Kindergarten at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, Kindergarten is an adventure. You never know what a child might ask! How fast does a rocket ship go, is the moon made of cheese, are guinea pigs related to gerbils? At the OCSB, no two days are the same, but one thing remains constant. Our students feel safe, supported and encouraged as they learn through play.

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Kindergarten at the OCSB has evolved to fit the times we live in. The OCSB celebrates Deep Learning in the classroom, on the playground and in our community. Deep Learning is learning that sticks with you for life. Deep Learning activates the brain, engages the heart, and compels the hands to live our gospel values.

French in every classroom

Our French program is taught in every classroom. Your children will be supported by dedicated Kindergarten educators, including a team composed of a teacher and a registered early childhood educator while learning in French and English. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French at home. Your child will become your French tutor in no time!

Answering your questions about Kindergarten

If you have questions, we have answers. Please check out our Kindergarten virtual information night. We also created a FAQ document to answer your Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten.

Don’t forget to check out our Virtual Classroom Tours

You and your child can navigate our 3D 360-degree classroom tour together from the comfort of your couch. It’s like visiting the classroom without ever leaving your house. Kindergarten students will explore technology in their classrooms in September, so why not let your child navigate the tour.

Ready for Kindergarten

Your child’s first days in school can be tricky for everyone in the family, and the OCSB family understands that. So we’ve written a number of articles to help get you ready for kindergarten!

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