Embracing Natural Beauty: Social Entrepreneurs Program at St. Mother Teresa

Meet Venika Sem, a Grade 12 student and co-president at St. Mother Teresa High School, who is leading an initiative to celebrate and empower individuals with textured and kinky hair in her community. Venika is breaking new ground as the first student to embark on an individual Social Entrepreneurs Program (SEP) project at the OCSB. Her dedication and innovative spirit are an inspiration to all.

Venika’s Hair Journey

Venika’s hair journey started in sixth grade when she decided to embrace her natural locks after many years of chemical treatments to straighten her hair. Prior to sixth grade, she had never seen her hair in its natural state. It took her six years to learn how to take care of her natural hair, detangle it, and simply love it. Venika developed a strong sense of empathy towards people who face similar hair challenges. She observed that those with similar hair types often struggle with self-acceptance and end up using wigs or heat styling. With a determination to bring about change, Venika decided to empower and celebrate individuals with textured and kinky hair.

Revolutionizing Haircare: The Detangling Comb

Venika is working on a detangling comb that is designed specifically for textured and kinky hair, by utilizing her passion for science and extensive research. She plans to develop a comb that will use static electricity to gently detangle hair, keeping in mind its unique structure and requirements. Although the design is still in the developmental phase, Venika intends to 3D print and conduct rigorous testing on the comb.

Empowerment Through Education: The Natural Made-Ez Workshop

In addition to the comb, Venika recently hosted the first Natural Made-Ez Workshop at St. Mother Teresa High School. This transformative event aimed to empower students with textured or curly hair by providing personalized hair care routines, product recommendations, and tips for maintaining healthy hair. Venika’s goal is to share the knowledge she acquired over the years to inspire others to embrace their natural beauty.

A Beacon of Innovation and Compassion

Venika Sem epitomizes the spirit of innovation and compassion, showcasing the profound impact one person can have on their community. As she continues to refine the comb design and plan future workshops, Venika’s dedication to empowering others and fostering self-love remains steadfast. Through her SEP project, Venika isn’t merely crafting a comb or hosting workshops; she’s reshaping perceptions and championing natural beauty.

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