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Beginning Grade 7

Get ready for what could be the most exciting and important years your child spends in school! After living with an elementary school routine for several years, the daily rhythm changes in Grade 7. We’ve created a guide for parents as a starting point to help you understand the world that your child will enter in Grade 7, so that you can better support your child for a successful transition. Each school community is unique, so always refer to the information provided by your school for specific details. The OCSB supports the vision of parents as partners in their children’s education. We encourage you to get involved, ask questions and take an interest in your child’s intermediate school years.

In intermediate school, students:


  • have different teachers for many subjects
  • usually stay with the same group of students (called their homeroom)
  • change classrooms (as a homeroom class) for each course
  • have lockers to store personal belongings
  • have a wider choice of extracurricular activities and social engagement opportunities
Also available in the following languages:  Mandarin | Spanish |  Arabic
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A Parent’s Guide to High School

What students discover about themselves in high school can be just as important as what they learn about the outside world. Our intermediate and high schools offer a wealth of academic opportunities in a welcoming and supportive environment. All of our schools offer a variety of sports, arts, clubs and activities to encourage our students to grow and thrive. Students can also become active in social justice and humanitarian projects to foster self-expression and build leadership skills. Changing grades is an exciting adventure for students, especially when entering high school. They’re growing up, but you still have a role in your child’s education. Our Parent’s Guide to High School helps you prepare your child for the transition to grade 9. Our guide covers the essentials of how high school operates. It outlines what is different in grades 7 & 8, how to keep connected online and in school, and how to be involved in both school events and the bigger picture. Our guide also covers some of the most commonly questioned topics for both parents and students, such as:

  • attendance and leaving school property
  • how to earn credits and french certification
  • diploma requirements and how final grades are calculated
  • community involvement requirements
  • help with selecting courses
  • exploring different program opportunities
  • supports available to students
Also available in the following languages: French | Mandarin | Spanish | Tagalog | Arabic