Report cards are out! – Parent Notice

Report cards now available

Student report cards are now available for viewing in the OCSB Parent Portal. If you have registered for a Parent Portal account, you can login at this link:

A paper copy of the report card will be printed at the end of the summer and filed in your child’s school records. All marks are being shared with postsecondary institutions as usual. If there is a critical discrepancy affecting a high school student, please email your school to resolve the issue. Any issues at the elementary level can be discussed with your school in August.

Graduating students who are 18 years old

When a student turns 18, the school board is legally obliged to restrict access to personal information. This means we are unable to provide parents of students who are over 18 with electronic access to their grades. Students 18 and over will have access to the Compass Student Portal on July 3 to view their report cards. A message with portal login instructions will be sent to these students’ email accounts before then.

You can still register for the Parent Portal

Parents who have not yet registered for a Parent Portal account should go to and follow the instructions for registering for an account.

Portal registration issues

We have successfully registered over 29,000 parents for the OCSB Parent Portal, but we have found that there are quite a few data errors we need to identify and correct. Additionally, some parents are not receiving confirmation emails from the Parent Portal system. If you don’t get a confirmation email immediately after registering, please try to login to your account 24 hours later.

If you continue to have difficulties creating and accessing your Parent Portal account, please send an email to so that we are aware of any new issues. In your email, please include your first and last name, your child(ren)’s first and last name(s), and the name of their school.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the technical issues of this new process.

We are experiencing high volumes of traffic on the portal.

If you get a “service unavailable” error, please wait 15 min before trying again.

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