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e-Learning at the OCSB

The OCSB is pleased to offer e-Learning, allowing high school students the option of taking one or more of their courses in an online format. An e-Learning course is conducted entirely online using a Learning Management System (LMS). Taking an e-Learning course gives students more flexibility in their timetable and opportunities to earn credits while building valuable independent learning skills that will be beneficial to any post-secondary pathway.

e-Learning offers timetable flexibility

Success in e-Learning courses requires students to be independent and self-motivated learners. E-Learning is not intended to replace face-to-face classes, however, it provides options to students in particular scenarios, such as:
  • the need for flexible timetabling due to special circumstances
  • access to courses that are not offered at the student's school
  • timetable conflicts that cannot be resolved at the student's school

Take the self-assessment quiz before you apply

Complete the online e-Learning self-assessment quiz and determine if e-Learning might be a good option for you. Be sure to print out your results. If you wish to apply for an e-Learning course, you will have to attach your results to the application for submission to your school Guidance office.

Complete and print your self-assessment

How to apply for an e-Learning course

To be considered for an e-Learning course, please complete each step in the following process.

  • Complete the online self-assessment and print out your results page
  • Complete the application form (including student, parent and teacher signatures)
  • Print a copy of your "High School Planner" screen (from myBlueprint.ca/ocsb)
  • Submit the Application Form, with the attached printouts from Step 2 and 3 to your school's Guidance office.
* Your application for an e-Learning course should not impact your day school course selection contract.
* Note that all parts of an application must be completed in order to be considered. Registration is subject to availability and approval by your home school.

e-Learning courses offered

Several e-Learning courses are offered by high schools throughout the OCSB and may be scheduled as part of a day school student’s timetable. Additional courses offered by school boards from across Ontario can also be accessed, based on availability. The following e-Learning courses are being offered in the 2016-2017 school year. 

Courses offered in 2017-2018
BBB4M  International Business Fundamentals
BD13C Entrepreneurship
BMI3C Marketing: Goods, Services, Events
BTA3O Information & Communication Technology
BOH4M Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
CGG3O Travel and Tourism
CGR4M The Environment and Resource Management
CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law
CLN4U Canadian and International Law
EWC4U The Writer's Craft
FIF3U French Immersion
HHS4U Families in Canada
HHG4M Human Development Through the Lifespan
HNC3C Understanding Fashion
HSB4U Challenge and Change in Society
MDM4U Data Management
PSK4U Exercise Science
SBI3C Biology
SCH4C Chemistry