Luka Luketic-Buyers Will Be The New OCSB Trustee

The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) convened a special meeting on August 24th to appoint a new trustee for Zone 9 – Ward 16 River and Ward 17 Capital following Trustee Sister Shelley Lawrence (RSCJ) passing in May.

Trustees interviewed eight candidates for the position. Trustees appointed Luka Luketic-Buyers to represent Zone 9 until the next Municipal Election in October 2026. 

Mr. Luketic-Buyers, a practising Catholic, told the Trustees that he emigrated to Canada in 2017 from Croatia with his family and wants to contribute positively to his community.  He cited his children’s positive experiences in OCSB schools as a motivator for applying for the position of School Board Trustee. Mr. Luketic-Buyers presently volunteers as a Board member of the ByTown Museum and Chairperson of CISCO where he provides cultural interpretation services.

Chair of the Board Mark Mullan said that he and his fellow Trustees are committed to honouring Sister Shelley’s legacy and are pleased to welcome a new member to our Board of Trustees who shares her dedication to the greater school community and making positive changes in Catholic education.

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