Welcome Back! – A Message from the Director of Education

As September marks a new beginning, things can get hectic with organizing schedules, school supplies, and lunches. I want to help you plan for the upcoming year by sharing important information about possible changes that could impact your family.

Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) Information

OSTA continues to face significant driver shortages. OSTA has secured transportation for almost 95% of students. However, they are still working on finding alternate bussing solutions to prevent service disruptions for those families that do not presently have services. Detailed information is available on OSTA’s Parent Portal. If you still need to register for the Parent Portal, you can find out how on the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority website. Please visit their website throughout the school year for regular student transportation updates.

Should Transportation Issues Impact Your Family

Should your family face transportation disruptions, your school’s principals and educators will work to find creative solutions to support students without transportation, including accessing online learning materials where available.

Labour Disruptions

There have been some media reports that are unclear about the negotiations underway for Ontario Catholic educators. The process so far has been slow, but it remains respectful. There will be no interruptions to start the school year. We remain hopeful that agreements can be reached to avoid labour disputes in our schools this academic year.

First Week of School

Your child’s first week of school will bring new classrooms, educators, classmates and maybe even a new school to their routines. You can expect many emotions as they settle into the new school year. Please know that OCSB educators and administrators are here to help with the transition. Schools will provide information through school newsletters, letters in backpacks, etc. If you still need to register for your School Messenger account, you can find detailed registration instructions on the OCSB website.

Parent Volunteers

I want to thank all parents who can volunteer with their school council and/or parent groups, such as CSPA or the Special Education Advisory Committee. Your contributions are invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Spiritual Theme

This year marks the third year of our Spiritual Theme, “Gratitude Rooted in Joy Fills Us With Hope.” Our focus this year is on Hope. I hope the 2023-2024 school year brings renewed hope for students and staff as we celebrate well-being, innovation, and community.

I wish you a fantastic and enriching school year ahead!

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