Learning Through Play in Kindergarten at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

The heart of OCSB’s two-year Bilingual Kindergarten program is learning through play. Play is the building block needed for every child’s development. The art of play is the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills, which paves the way for learning.

Building Skills while at Play

Your child’s classroom consists of learning centres, including an art centre, block centre, dramatic play, sensory bin, technology centre, prayer table, a quiet space, book centre, and more. When children play in each centre, they develop learning skills. For example, they cooperate, problem-solve, and share during dramatic play. In the building blocks centre, they develop fine and gross motor skills, classify items by shape, size, and colour, use their imaginations, and test their ideas.

Guided Play

Your child will spend part of their day in guided play, where the educators will integrate learning into an activity based on the student’s interests. For example, suppose a group of children show interest in space and astronauts. In that case, our educators could provide additional materials such as space books or even build a pretend spaceship with the students. No matter where the children are playing, our educators guide them with questions encouraging them to explore further and incorporate math and literacy. 

There are also opportunities for all the children to learn together with stories, songs, games, and more.

Watch a Day in the Life in Kindergarten

We’ve created a video that walks you through our two-year bilingual Kindergarten program and shares helpful tips.

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