OCSB High Schools Foster Joy and an Inclusive Community

Transitioning from elementary or middle school to high school is a significant change for students and their families. Moving to a larger school with new classes, classmates, and teachers can be overwhelming. The good news is Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) high school staff and student leaders are committed to creating nurturing and welcoming school environments where students can excel.

Helping students find their place

High School students are encouraged to become part of their new school community through activity-based clubs and sports teams. Many OCSB High School Clubs celebrate diversity and inclusion, including Black student groups, GSA clubs, and Indigenous student groups. Staff and student leaders promote a sense of belonging and ensure everyone feels included and supported in the school community.

Unique traditions at each high school

Every High School has unique events and traditions that strengthen ties across the student body. One such tradition is the annual Terry Fox Run at Holy Trinity. Students from different grades and social circles work together to help make this event a success. Dressed in school colours, they host potluck breakfasts, distribute promotional materials, and hold an assembly and barbeque. The day ends with students singing, dancing, and lip-syncing while at the same time raising funds for cancer research. Terry Fox felt everyone could help in their way to find a cure for cancer. They take that message to heart at Holy Trinity, including everyone participating in the Terry Fox run!

The school began hosting the Terry Fox Foundation fundraiser in 2002, and they have consistently ranked in the top 5 fundraising schools in Ontario. It has grown far beyond a charity walk/run into a day-long event, with the whole school buzzing with energy. Because it takes place at the start of the school year, it’s a perfect way for new students to make new friends and connections across the school community.

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