High School Honours 3 – OCSB Catholic Graduate Awards

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is known for its inspiring students who persevere through challenges, go above and beyond in academics, community and parish involvement and impact the world around them through kindness and generosity. In this series, we honour the difference-makers who are graduating from Ottawa Catholic high schools this year. We wish all of our graduates the best in their next chapter and celebrate the many personal achievements and proverbial mountains each student conquered on their way to earning their Ontario Secondary School diploma.

Here is a list of students recognized with graduate awards reflecting the heart of Catholic education by their exemplary contributions to their school, parish and community.

Archbishop Graduate Award

This award exemplifies student dedication to spiritual and social growth within their parish. Each award winner has participated in school and parish events that enhanced the character of their Catholic high school. They have also completed all Ontario Secondary School diploma requirements, including the community service component.


  • Ava Maika (All Saints High School)
  • Theodora Etokimo (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Paula Ramirez Ortiz (Immaculata High School)
  • Mateusz Gumienny (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Martin Kealey (Notre Dame High School)
  • Luca DiPaolo (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Josiah Dorval (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Giselle Joseph (St. Joseph High School)
  • Elena Wilson (St. Mark High School)
  • Joseph Thottungal (St. Matthew High School)
  • Caleb Mallette (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Marie-Danielle N’guessan (St. Patrick High School)
  • Katherine Pham (St. Paul High School)
  • Jacob Leger (St. Peter High School)
  • John Lindale (St. Pius High School)

Graduate Expectations Award

Recipients of this award will receive a certificate and a $1,000 bursary. This award honours a Catholic graduate from each OCSB high school who demonstrates the distinctive expectations defined in the Catholic Graduate Expectations. They have participated in school, community and parish initiatives throughout their high school career, attained a minimum 75% average and completed all the requirements for obtaining an Ontario Secondary School diploma.


  • Julia Sharobim (All Saints High School)
  • Edgar Acosta (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Mary Jane Mendez (Immaculata High School)
  • Jessica Fournier (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Mireya Poon Young (Notre Dame High School)
  • Emma Tang (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Pavel Nangfack (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Abigail McElhinney (St. Joseph High School)
  • Joanna Fallenbuchl (St. Mark High School)
  • Joseph Thottungal (St. Matthew High School)
  • Aurora Tracy (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Amanda Gunn (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Maria Sawm Mal (St. Patrick High School)
  • Katherine Pham (St. Paul High School)
  • Britney Achu (St. Peter High School)
  • Luca Bottega (St. Pius High School)

Trustee Service Award

This award is given to a graduating student who demonstrates initiative and leadership through extensive service in high school activities and community or fundraising involvement. They have also completed all the requirements for obtaining an Ontario Secondary School diploma.


  • Aquila Rheault (All Saints High School)
  • Grace Clarke (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Sandra Khalil (Immaculata High School)
  • Keira Laskoski (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Daisy Thang (Notre Dame High School)
  • Hilary Sterling (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Emily Zhou (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Huda Amin (St. Joseph High School)
  • Molly Pert (St. Mark High School)
  • Kierra Scott (St. Matthew High School)
  • Camryn Alexis-Esma (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Samantha Nadon (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Pedro Rolim (St. Patrick High School)
  • Jennifer MacAdam (St. Paul High School)
  • Austin Lamoureux (St. Peter High School)
  • Emma Jorge (St. Pius High School)

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