Letter from the Ministry of Education – May 20, 2020

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Firstly, thanks to all the educators!
My question is specific to the primary grades, Grade 2 specifically. I would like to know how grading will be addressed for this grade. The school board has not addressed this (I don’t think) with teachers. Will we be advised of something or is the assumption that it will be treated the same as with older grades (grades will not decrease – implying they could improve).

We have done the assigned work – for this grade a mix of online videos, a lot of printed out materials and some submitted capabilities with Hapara. Now that we have lived the journey of working + homeschooling a young child for a several months it’s wearing on us. While we have dutifully done assigned work to date I am not sure I will continue for the remaining month and would like answers such that I can make an informed decision.

– Grading will occur? Great, who do I send the binder of work to? How will grading work
– Will grading just be a pass type grade to next level? If so, I will likely stop requiring all assigned work get done for the sanity of my family (current model isn’t sustainable, even for someone who values education more than the average joe).
– Will grading just be what was last reported? If so, THIS is what I have an issue with. We have worked hard – for what purpose? I would like efforts and improvements in some subjects to be recognized. Utilizing the last recorded grade will frankly be offensive, on my levels.

Hope this explains sufficiently my dilemma as caring parent who is very grateful for her daughers teaching community. These are strange times – and working together means sharing facts such that we can make the best decisions for our family.

With appreciation…. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Now is the time…

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