Art in a Ziplock Bag

OCSB educators spent a few days this month collecting, sorting, packaging and distributing art supplies for their students. The idea is to provide students with a Zip Lock Bag of fun. The bag contains markers, pencils, scissors, cards, dice, paper, rulers, and lots more.

The educators know their students are missing drawing, painting and creating artwork for their family and friends. These supplies will help students design art projects while learning from home.

When children create, they are learning valuable skills that include cognitive and physical development as well as exploring areas that interest them. Their drawings often tell a story they cannot articulate.

Arts at home are good for our student’s creativity, motor skills, social skills and critical thinking.  If your child needs art supplies, please let your child’s principal know. 

Board staff volunteers assembling the kits in the boardroom at the Catholic Education Centre on Hunt Club Road.
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