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Technology in our classrooms

Today’s students learn differently than the students before them. Our new digital learners are immersed in technology and they expect to use digital tools as part of their educational experience. Research on the brain provides evidence that these days students are “wired” differently. The way we teach has evolved to reflect these needs. Our Learning Technologies Department works to ensure that staff, students and parents have access to the latest in technology to foster success. OCSB students graduate with a future-forward learning experience.

Wireless access and tech tools in every classroom

All of our schools have wireless internet access for staff, students and visitors. In addition, the OCSB supplies tablets, Chromebooks, and iPads for students without access to devices. Students are also encouraged to use their own devices, as long as they follow our acceptable use guidelines. Every day more than 10,000 computers, 45,000 users, and well over 100 applications are in use by in-person or virtual learners. Our Learning Technologies Department works around the clock to ensure accessibility and safety for our entire school community.

Focusing on responsible digital citizenship

We dedicate time to talk to our students about good digital citizenship. We teach them how to use technology responsibly in a grade-appropriate way. Our Samaritans on the Digital Road resource was developed with The Good Samaritan parable (Luke 10:25-37) as a guide. Each grade explores the meaning of the verse as it relates to being an online citizen. They also complete lessons created specifically to address the challenges found at each grade.

Student portals

We enhance class lessons using Google for Education as a foundation for a mix of collaborative tools. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 can quickly and easily access these tools from home or school through our Student Portal.

Replacing dusty chalkboards with SmartBoards

SmartBoards are replacing dusty chalkboards in all of our schools, and our students and teachers are reaping the benefits. These interactive whiteboards are touch-sensitive and display what is being taught from our teachers’ devices. Software, images and text can be manipulated right on the screen with the touch of a fingertip!

Transforming our learning spaces to integrate technology

To keep up with the integration of technology in our curriculum, we are transforming our library spaces into Learning Commons. These new spaces include more comfortable and flexible furniture, the addition of mobile devices for student use, and a strong focus on collaboration. They expand the learning experience, taking students and educators into virtual spaces beyond the walls of a school.