OCSB COVID-19 Dashboard

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Daily screening tools

Before entering any Ottawa Catholic School Board facility or school, you must complete a COVID-19 self-screening tool. These screening tools are managed by Ottawa Public Health. All staff must complete this tool before reporting for work, and parents should screen their children before sending them to school.


Changes to school visitor policy

Please keep in mind that parents, volunteers and visitors can enter schools at this time. Parents, volunteers and visitors must pass a Covid Screening Test before entering a school.

Supporting the OCSB community during a global pandemic

You can find updates and more information about OCSB and COVID-19 in the OCSB Supports news category on OCSB News.

What happened to the COVID-19 Dashboard?

Schools in Ontario are no longer required to report positive cases of COVID-19 or maintain a dashboard, so we have removed it from our website. We continue to encourage staff and families to use a COVID Screening Tool before going to school to reduce the spread of the virus.