Inspiring Young Minds: An Afternoon with Stacey Martin at St. Pius X

Lights Camera Action

Broadway came to St. Pius X High School students in late December through a visit from the designer, dancer, and Broadway performer Stacey Martin. Ms. Martin, a former St.Pius X student, captivated students participating in the OCSB Social Entrepreneurial Program (SEP) as she shared her life story, showcasing how one dream – Broadway can lead to another dream – fashion designer and business owner.

Dream Big

Stacey, the creative genius behind the highly successful clothing company formerly known as Kania Couture Inc., has rebranded it as Stacey Martin Lifestyle Inc. Her company is committed to promoting diversity, prioritizing environmental health, and inspiring individuals to pursue their goals with comfort, freedom, and style. The fact that she took time out of her busy schedule to speak to students from her old high school is evidence of her dedication to young women.

The Heart of Her Message

Her message to the students was to dream big and let your dreams evolve as you do. What set Stacey apart from traditional guest speakers is that it felt more like a heartfelt conversation that offered valuable insights on building confidence and achieving one’s dreams, even in the face of adversity. Stacey connected with the students personally, sharing stories and experiences that spoke to the students who saw themselves in “High School Stacey.”

Ask Questions

Stacey created a welcoming environment where students could ask questions and engage in open dialogue. This led to a trust-building session where Stacey provided practical advice tailored to the interests and understanding of the students. She used relatable examples and narratives that resonated with the young audience, making her points both heard and felt. In particular, her advice was impactful for the young black female students in attendance.

Deep Learning In Action

The SEP students were thrilled to show Stacey how they were following her example by participating in SEP. SEP is a program that focuses on Deep Learning, is oriented towards business, and is led by students. It combines learning business fundamentals with community service; students establish a business to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Business and Charity Uniting to Create Change

Two classes at St. Pius are participating in SEP. Lesley Salvatore’s Hairstyling and Aesthetics Class runs Pius on Point Salon, while the Inclusion Class operates the SPXpresso Cafe. Stacey visited both classes to see how the students were combining charity and business operations, which she is well-known for. Stacey aims to empower and inspire women to create a culture of respect and resilience.

Pius on Point

Stacey was treated to a vibrant and colourful hairdressing and lash class filled with cosmetology mannequins, hair brushes, lashes, and products when she entered the salon Pius on Point.

SPXpresso Cafe

Stacey made her second stop in the world of SEP at the cozy and welcoming SPXpresso café run by Jennifer Currie’s inclusion students. The café is an ideal location for inclusion students to learn basic business skills, such as preparing orders, handling payments, giving change, and delivering orders throughout the school. After presenting to the students and their SEP mentors, Stacey had the chance to walk around the cafe and observe the students’ work while having one-on-one conversations with them.

Dare to Dream the Impossible

A sense of achievement and optimism filled the air as the day ended at St. Pius. Stacey Martin’s words and presence left a lasting impact on the students, highlighting the importance of starting early, dreaming big, and staying true to one’s passions.

Deep Learning Works

This visit was a testament to the power of role models and the significance of connecting education with real-world experiences through Deep Learning practices.

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