Protecting the ecological health of the Ottawa River watershed – St. Michael Fitzroy School partners with Ottawa Riverkeeper

St. Michael Fitzroy Catholic School has partnered with Ottawa Riverkeeper, a charitable organization that aims to protect and promote the ecological health of the Ottawa River watershed. The school’s students and staff are excited to work alongside them and positively impact their community.

On November 2nd (rain date November 3), the school community is organizing the Cleanup the Fitzroy Provincial Park event. Although the park is already well-maintained with minimal litter, the community will focus on cleaning the shorelines and tributaries that lead to the Ottawa River. Before starting their work, the community will celebrate the land’s natural beauty by participating in a land acknowledgment ceremony to remind everyone of the importance of respecting and taking responsibility for Mother Earth.

Principal Chantel Couture Campbell says her staff believes that working together makes a significant difference in keeping our outdoor spaces clean and healthy. She thinks the event provides a fantastic opportunity for the school community to give back to society and contribute to a cause they are passionate about. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Cleanup initiative to preserve the park for future generations.

The event will start at 1:15 pm in the schoolyard, and everyone is encouraged to participate. All parents, grandparents, and close family members are welcome to be part of the solution. City of Ottawa Ward 5 Municipal Councillor and Deputy Mayor Clarke Kelly will participate in the day’s activities, as will School Board Trustee Sandra Moore.

The attendees will be divided into groups, where some classes will take a stroll down to the Provincial Park, while others will focus on creeks, rivers, and stream shorelines in our community. They aim to remove trash from the premises and check the shoreline for any plastic or litter that has washed up and shouldn’t be there. They will meet at the schoolyard at 3:00 pm to celebrate their environmental stewardship.

Ms. Couture Campbell added our shared commitment to environmental stewardship is genuinely inspiring. I am confident that we can make a positive impact that will last for generations. This collaboration is a shining example of the power of Deep Learning, which enables us to retain valuable experiences long after the event has ended.

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