Black Power Unites, Our Identity Ignites – Black Student Forum 2023

The OCSB Black Student Forum’s fourth annual gathering is on Friday, November 3, 2023, at Notre Dame High School. We can’t wait to welcome over 150 students from every high school Black Student Association (BSA) within the OCSB Community.

Black Student Forum 2023

This year’s theme is “Black Power Unites. Our Identity Ignites,” which celebrates our Black students’ shared racial background while recognizing and celebrating the diverse cultural heritages, nationalities, and upbringings that make each student unique. It will be an unforgettable experience of unity, diversity, and empowerment!

Student Quotes on the 2023 Black Student Forum Theme

This year, we wanted something slightly different. We used a few different elements from African culture to represent community and still highlighting.

Darren Fobissie-Blese (Logo designer)- St. Francis Xavier

Being proud of Black identity is recognizing the cultural richness, resilience and strength, distinct traditions and heritage, and contributions to society of our people. The theme of the BSF this year is “Black power unites, our identity ignites!” By recognizing the power in our identities as Black people, we allow ourselves to realize our full potential.

Yadiel Wondimu (Logo designer)- St. Patrick

Black Student Forum Workshops 2023

Every year, students participate in several workshops that touch on various topics. This year, students will have the opportunity to participate in the following workshops:

  • Systemic Racism and Mental Health
  • Diversity of Black Identities
  • Afro-Caribbean Dance
  • Black Student Mentorship

What happened last year at the Black Student Forum?

We are excited to see what our students share this year. Last year, students were treated to a thrilling performance by the Kamengo Cultural Troupe at the OCSB’s Catholic Education Centre (CEC). They enjoyed workshops and presentations on Peer Mentorship, Mental Health and Black Joy. We invite you to look at our wrap-up of last year’s BSF!

What is the Black Student Forum?

The BSF is a one-day event led by Black students from all Black Student Associations in the OCSB. This safe and supportive space was created by Black students for Black students to discuss what it means to be young and Black in our community. This is an opportunity for students to connect with students from other schools and build a sense of community. Students network and come together to develop an action plan to share with select educators, staff and leadership to help expand on our Equity initiatives. While this space is for students who self-identify as Black, the door is open to other students to support their school’s BSA as allies. The BSF is a launch pad for Black students to teach each other that it is okay to stand against Anti-Black racism while developing the tools to cope with systemic racism as it is today.

At the Black Student Forum, Black students feel seen, Black students feel valued, and Black students feel empowered.

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