Ottawa Catholic School Board Celebrates Indigenous Education in its Schools!

Indigenous History Month is the perfect time to honour the unique history of the Indigenous people throughout Canada, Ottawa and within the OCSB Community. At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, we are committed to promoting understanding, respect, and reconciliation among all members of our diverse community. This month, OCSB Staff are also raising money for the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund.

Land Acknowledgements

One way we do this is to create meaningful, school and student-focused land acknowledgments. Instead of reciting a packaged land acknowledgement, students design age-appropriate statements that recognize their learning to honour Indigenous history, build stronger relationships, and walk the path of reconciliation together. For example, St. Benedict Elementary School Land Acknowledgement highlights respecting the land, commitment to keeping it clean and honouring those who came before us.

Celebrate with Us in June

  • June 6 – SSIMAS Music Awards At Nac
  • June 21 – Indigenous Day Celebration
  • June 22 to 23 – Education Days
  • June 24 to 25 – Competition Pow Wow

Check out a full calendar for more events!

Indigenous Education is Honoured Every Day in OCSB Schools

This year has been an exciting year for Indigenous Education at the OCSB. We’ve seen several examples of students and educators incorporating Indigenous language, culture and teaching into their everyday lives.

Tell Us Your Stories

Do you have a school story to share? Please, contact us! We love to hear how our students, parents and educators find ways to incorporate Indigenous culture into their everyday lives.

Celebrating Indigenous History Month in Ottawa

Here are some fantastic events throughout the city during this year’s Indigenous History Month.

The 2023 Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival

The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts festival that is celebrated yearly during Indigenous History Month. The festival showcases Indigenous artists, performers, educators, students, and community members representing many of Canada’s diverse Indigenous cultures.

Indigenous Walks

Sign up and join an Indigenous Walk through Ottawa’s Downtown core and learn about what historic architecture, landscapes and monuments mean from an Indigenous perspective.

How can you learn more about Indigenous Culture?

If you have more questions about Indigenous History Month, please visit the OCSB Indigenous Education team’s homepage or our Indigenous Education page for more information. Expect more updates as the celebration continues all month!

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