How are Indigenous learning, hydroponics, and 3D Chocolate Printers connected? Find out at OCSB High School Information Nights!

OCSB high schools will host High School Information Nights throughout February. The Information Nights offer students and their families a chance to learn more about the courses and programs available at their school. It’s a chance to go beyond the course description and better understand what students will be learning.

Beyond the Course Description

Brandy Kozowy is one of many high school teachers who elevates the classroom experience. Ms. Kozowy is a Hospitality & Tourism Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) educator at St. Francis Xavier High School. Beyond teaching food preparation and presentation skills, her program focuses on a farm-to-table approach highlighting sustainable tourism.

Students learn first-hand from local experts, including farmers and chefs, about the benefits and rewards of growing ingredients and sourcing food. Students grow microgreens and start vegetable seedlings with the help of a classroom hydroponic table. The seedlings are planted in the school’s outdoor garden, harvested, and used in the class kitchen.

Indigenous knowledge keepers also share their knowledge with students and guide them on how to cook cedar-planked salmon using Indigenous land-based learning. In addition, students learn about foraging and try their hand at making acorn flour cookies and teas.

Incorporating Technology

Technology is not a standard component of hospitality courses, but Ms. Kozowy integrates the design process into her course using a 3D chocolate printer. Students research the appropriate machine settings, develop plans and test and refine their designs.

Competitions Showcase Student Skills

Who would have thought students studying Hospitality &Tourism at an Ottawa Catholic High School would share their knowledge with students whose school is 5,358 km away? But that is precisely what happened to two OCSB students. The St. Francis Xavier students competed in a sustainable tourism competition held by the Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT). 

The students investigated the question, “In the wake of COVID-19, have top restaurants been more dependent on sourcing their ingredients locally?” The OCSB students spoke with local chefs, farmers, and community partners in conducting their research. CATT chose their study to represent Canada at the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership, allowing the students to attend and present at a youth tourism conference in London, England.

What Programs are Offered at Your High School?

In OCSB high schools, students develop skills that can be applied in their lives and potentially to future careers. OCSB high schools collaborate with community partners to provide students with more flexibility in accessing various programs, courses and learning experiences. OCSB believes in celebrating innovation, building community and providing unique opportunities to enhance student well-being.

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