Giggling in both languages – Bilingual Kindergarten at the OCSB

In our Bilingual Kindergarten program, all students spend equal time learning French and English. Bilingual Kindergarten lays a foundation for learning another language and enables students to develop strategies to help them excel in other subject areas, such as reading comprehension and math.

The goal of the program is to foster a love for French. Because Kindergarten centers on play-based learning, the learning is fun, giving students a positive attitude toward learning another language.

How does this work in the Kindergarten classroom?

In Kindergarten, the children are introduced to the language through French songs, games, stories, and prayers. It is also integrated into their play. While they are playing in the various learning areas, educators model the use of french and introduce vocabulary appropriate to whatever the child is doing. For example, if a child is building at the block centre and says, “I built a castle,” the teacher will model for them by saying, “J’ai construit un chateau.” Doing it this way makes the language far more meaningful for the students because they can connect to it from their own play.

Hear from our Educators

See what some of our Kindergarten educators have to say about our bilingual Kindergarten program.

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