November is Indigenous Education Month

In November, the OCSB celebrates Indigenous Education Month. This month provides an opportunity for us to reflect and become educated about Indigenous perspectives, histories and culture. It is also a time to listen and learn.

It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

It is the goal and responsibility of the OCSB to ensure our students and staff have the opportunity to understand Indigenous history better. Doing so will help create a better School Board, province and country.

Life-long Learning

One of the ways we do this is by commemorating National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

However, honouring the victims of residential schools is not a day-long or month-long event but rather a continuous journey of unlearning and learning. OCSB students’ Indigenous education starts in Kindergarten and continues throughout the student’s elementary and secondary schooling. 

Our students learn about Indigenous values, read books by Indigenous authors and participate in events hosted by Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers. To graduate, all OCSB students must enrol in the Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices.  This course focuses on Indigenous experiences, history and culture.  Please listen to what our  students thought about the course.

Language Matters

2022-2023 is the UN’s International Decade of Indigenous Languages. The resources below can help students find out more about Indigenous languages.

Be Informed

It is essential to ensure your resources are current, factual and understandable. In doing so, you create a learning environment that supports growth. In recognition of the Treaties Recognition Week (November 7-14), the OCSB Indigenous Education website will highlight the importance of Treaties.

Be Well Read

As a board, our approved supplier for Indigenous books is  You can check out their site for hundreds of books and resources to support student learning. We have also compiled this list of books commonly found throughout our schools.

Be Community

We are blessed to have Indigenous community partners visit our schools to help students understand how humility, courage/bravery, respect, love, honesty, truth, and wisdom guide Indigenous people.

Be Well

Our educators are dedicated to ensuring our students are emotionally, physically and spiritually well. As a Catholic School Board, we respect the faiths of others. By learning about how Indigenous people balance their lives, we have the opportunity to broaden our understanding of their culture, which promotes acceptance and understanding. The OCSB does this by inviting local Indigenous people to our schools to educate our students and staff on the philosophy of the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is, in essence, a circle divided into four parts, representing the Four Directions, which relate to and counterbalance one another to form a whole. The Medicine Wheel teaches that harmony, balance and respect for all parts of the wheel is life sustaining.

Be Grateful

November 8th is National Indigenous Veterans’ Day, a day of remembrance and commemoration for those who fought in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War.  It took until 1994 for Indigenous Veterans to be recognized for their contributions. Thankfully the day is now commemorated across Canada. Over 12,000 Indigenous Peoples are estimated to have volunteered in all three wars, including 7,000 First Nations members, and approximately 300 died during these conflicts. By learning about this day, OCSB students better understand the contributions and sacrifices that Indigenous people have made for Canada.

To Learn More

Be Curious

Please visit the OCSB Indigenous Education website often and begin your journey of Indigenous learning.

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