OCSB Career Week 2022 at a School Near You

Career Week is underway in all Ottawa Catholic Schools. Students as young as Kindergarten and as senior as Grade 12 will explore the many careers they may one day call their own.

Exploring the World of Work – One Day at a Time

The week will showcase different occupations through age-appropriate activities designed to open students’ minds to a world of possibilities. Each day of the week focuses on a super skill that will help students thrive in the work world:

  • Monday – It All Adds Up: Math is a Part of Every Career (Numeracy)
  • Tuesday – Construct Your Future: What’s a Skilled Trade? (Oral Communication)
  • Wednesday – A Day in the Life of a Worker (Digital Skills)
  • Thursday – Entrepreneurship (Writing Skills)
  • Friday – Which Hat Will You Wear? (What career interests you?) (Working with others)

Our consultants have developed resources based on these themes and skills for every grade level.

Live Events throughout the Week

Many students will participate in diverse live events – let the innovation begin!

November 1 —  Keynote speaker Mandy Rennehan will live stream with students in grades 5-12. Mandy is a sought-after speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, trade-industry ambassador, and CEO who challenges the misconception that white-collar jobs are “better” or “more desirable” than blue-collar ones; society needs both collars! 

November 2 —  Take Our Kids to Work Day is back this year. Grade 9 students will spend the day with a family member or friend at their place of work.

November 2-3 —  Launch 2022 is a virtual event for Grade 12 students. Students will explore many different post-secondary pathways and career options. The day-long event will also host innovative and informative workshops on various careers, wellness, and future opportunities. 

November 4 —  Grade 5-8 students will learn more about the ever-expanding skilled trades. Panelists will share their experiences about working in the skilled trades labour market. They will outline the type of education you will need to be part of this exciting world of work.

Follow Along on Social Media!

Parents, ask your children about what they learned this week in school. Check out our social media channels to learn more about OCSB Career Week. Our educators will be sharing their class experience using our hashtag #ocsbCareerWeek.

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