It’s World Mental Health Day

Let’s move awareness to action! Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 2-9, 2022) is a national awareness campaign encouraging Canadians to learn about mental illness, share experiences and practice empathy and understanding.

Reduce Stigma

Recognizing World Mental Health Day through a lens of acceptance promotes respect and equitable treatment for those living with mental illness while reducing stigma.

It Affects Everyone

Mental Illness is a community health condition involving changes in emotion, thinking or behaviour associated with distress. It affects anyone, from children to the elderly.

Become Knowledgeable

Education spreads awareness. Together, we can positively support those facing mental health challenges. We are a faith community that advocates Deep Learning and acceptance. Together we must advance our student’s ability to participate in our school communities.

Self-Care Matters

Taking care of yourself and acknowledging when you need help are signs of strength, not weakness. Mental Health, like physical health, fluctuates.

Five Steps to Positive Mental Health and Well-Being

  • Connect with other people. Good relationships are essential for your mental health and well-being.
  • Being physically active improves overall health.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Interact socially.
  • Give to others.
  • Pay attention to how you are feeling in the present moment.

Reducing Mental Health Stigma

  • Be willing to listen to others speak about their mental health.
  • Increase your mental health literacy. 
  • Recognize mental health symptoms.
  • No one has all the answers.
  • Advocate for those facing mental health challenges.
  • Mental Health matters.


Ottawa Public Health (OPH) offers various services to help those struggling with mental health concerns.

  • have THAT talk is a series developed to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. 
  • The series includes videos and activity guides to learn how you can help reduce stigma, increase support, and encourage people to get help sooner.
  • Please visit OPH’s Parenting in Ottawa mental health page for information about Child and Youth Mental Health Agencies. 
  • If you have a youth in crisis, contact the Youth Services 24/7 Crisis Line (24 hours a day/7, days a week) at 613-260-2360. If outside Ottawa, toll-free 1-877-377-7775.
  • Students and families can also contact Kids Help Phone, offering 24/7 counselling and referral services across the province. To use this free resource, children can call 1-800-668-6868 or text CONNECT to 686868

Other Services

Contact your child’s Principal if you remain concerned about your child’s mental health: Counselling Connect or School Mental Health Ontario are free mental health services in our community. 

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is one community we are here to support one another.

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