Ottawa Catholic School Board Passes $619.7M Balanced Budget For School Year 2022-2023

Balanced Budget

The Ottawa Catholic School Board approved a $619.7M balanced Operating Budget for 2022-2023. We will use a planned drawdown of $4.4M in Accumulated Surplus Reserves to enhance outdoor learning spaces. This is a 2.3 % increase in expenditures year over year.  All Board expenditures, directly or indirectly, serve and support the core Gospel values of faith, hope, love, community, the dignity of persons, excellence, justice, and stewardship for creation.

Budget Overview

Salaries and benefits will comprise 81% of the 2022-2023 Operating Budget expenditures. Salaries and benefits will increase by 2.0% this year. The total full-time-equivalent (FTE) staffing has remained relatively stable compared to the 2021-2022 budget, with some notable additions:

  • 25 Educational Assistants plus $1.4M for Temporary & Casual EA Support
  • 4 Mental Health Workers
  • 1 Wellness Officer
  • 1 Equity, Diversity & Inclusive Support Officer
  • 3 Consultants to support Indigenous education, skilled trades programs and e-learning
(in $000s)Approved Budget 2021-2022Recommended Budget 2022-2023Change ($)Change (%)
Operating Expenditures$ (605,509)$ (619,675)$ (14,166)2.3%
Funded from Current Year Revenues605,509615,3089,7991.6%
Funded from Accumulated Surplus04,3674,367100.0%
Balanced Budget$ –$ –$ –
Capital Expenditures$ (49,207)$ (77,196)$ (27,989)56.9%

Highlights of Budget 2022-2023

Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

This budget includes additional funds focused on the Board’s commitment to continuous improvement and living its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Framework (2021-2024), including:

  • An additional 1. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Support Officer 
  • An additional 1 English Second Language (ESL) Teacher 
  • 25  Permanent Educational Assistants
  • $1.4M in Temporary and Casual EA Support 
  • $20,000 increase  for student-centred initiatives for the Black Student Forum and GSA Day
  • $50,000 Menstrual Products to allow easy access for students who cannot afford it  
  • $17,000 for a language translation communication module 
  • $60,000 to support HR equity, diversity and inclusion practices

Commitment to Indigenous Students and Community

We hired an additional Indigenous and Family Support Worker and an Indigenous Consultant to help support the implementation of the BAP and the Indigenous Education Framework (2022 – 2025). The staff members will help advance academic achievement and well-being for Indigenous students and increase all students’ knowledge and awareness of Indigenous histories, cultures, perspectives, and contributions.

Commitment to Mental Health and Wellness

This year’s budget includes additional professionals and resources to support students and staff, including:

  • 4  Mental Health Workers 
  • 1  Wellness Officer
  • $50,000 increase to Wellness Fund Initiative (doubling the previous allocation)
  • $70,000 to better support staff experiencing long-term disability
  • $108,000 Resource budget for wellness resources

Commitment to Skilled Trades

This year’s budget provides additional funding for staffing and equipment upgrades:

  • An additional  Consultant supporting Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program and the Specialist High Skills Major program 
  • Additional $185,000 Technological program equipment & maintenance

Commitment to Reading intervention

This year’s budget provides resources and staff to support specialized interventions.

  • $2M for K-12 Tutors to support School Day and After School tutoring in literacy, math and french
  • 5.5 FTE Dedicated Itinerant Reading Intervention teachers
  • 1 Early Years Consultant

Investing in Outdoor Learning Spaces with WiFi

A $7.5M multi-year investment in Outdoor Learning Spaces and Wifi allows school communities to incorporate innovative ideas into their outdoor learning spaces.

Summary of Operating Expenditure

(in $000s)Approved Budget 2021-2022Recommended Budget 2022-2023Change ($)Change (%)
Salaries & Benefits$ 494,809$ 504,445$ 9,6361.9%
Classroom Spending20,59824,4173,81918.5%
School Accommodation21,83424,7542,92013.4%
Amortization of Tangible Capital Assets26,44326,9424991.9%
Interest on Long-Term Debt5,0812,899(2,182)-42.9%
Other (Non-classroom, Cont Ed)3,4993,6121133.2%
COVID-19 Supports1,3640(1,364)100.0%
TOTAL$ 605,509$ 619,675$ 14,1662.3%

Chair of the Board Quote

Chair of the Board, Trustee Mark Mullan, said, “This year’s budget is fiscally responsible while providing our students with innovative opportunities to succeed today and in the future, including the construction of four new OCSB schools. Our budget aligns with our Strategic CommitmentsBe Community, Be Well and Be Innovative and our Spiritual Theme of Gratitude Rooted in Joy, Fills Us With Hope.”

Quote Director of Education

Director of Education Tom D’Amico said, “The education sector has faced unprecedented challenges and opportunities over the past two years. As a Board committed to Deep Learning, we witnessed first-hand how our students found innovative ways to learn, work and play. As we move forward, we will take what we learned from the pandemic, create new opportunities and build on our success in the school year. I thank our senior team and the dedicated finance staff for all their work developing this budget and the Trustees’ continued guidance and support.”

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