Four Hundred Tutors Continue in OCSB Schools

Over 400 tutors are helping Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) students boost their confidence, enhance their skills and provide personalized learning. All OCSB tutors received reading intervention training before interacting with their students in the spirit of life-long learning.

The tutoring supports are part of a Ministry of Education initiative to tutor students impacted by the pandemic. This program began in the spring of 2022 and continues through the fall months. Parents wanting to learn more about these programs should contact their child’s school.

Something for Everyone

These programs are broad-based and range from in-class literacy support at almost every OCSB elementary and intermediate/secondary school to in-class mathematics and in-class French support. But the help does not end when the end-of-the-day bell rings.  After-school tutoring programs are also available to students at all grade levels.

School Day Programming

Through this special government grant, the OCSB has established several support programs in our schools during the school day.

  1. In-class literacy support programs are in almost every elementary and intermediate/secondary school. Eighty literacy support tutors are already in the classrooms.
  2. In-class mathematics support is taking place in 14 elementary schools and 18 grade 7 and 8 sites 
  3. In-class French support for grades 7-12 is available in 13 OCSB schools.

Tutors in these programs are primarily teacher education candidates and post-secondary students who support schools 5 – 6 hours per day (depending on the program), up to 20 hrs/week.

After School Programming

The OCSB also provides after school support in small group sessions that run 3 to 4 times every week:

  1. Seventy-three OCT-qualified tutors provide after-school literacy support at 59 elementary schools and 14 intermediate/secondary sites.  
  2. After-school math support occurs in 14 elementary schools and 14 high schools. Thirty-six OCT-qualified tutors are helping students in grades 10, 11 and 12. 
  3. After/before school, math support for English Language Learners is offered at four schools supporting grade 7 and 8 students.  Over 70 grade 11 and 12 students have been hired as tutors and are available to help students in grades 7, 8 and 9 with their math.
  4. After-school French support is being provided to elementary students at 7 schools. Educators are using the Frimousses program with these students.  
  5. We are also offering a Skills Development Program at 45 of our OCSB schools. The tutors for this program are Educational Assistants familiar with the students they are tutoring.

Working in Partnership

The OCSB is partnering with many community organizations to provide support to help close learning gaps. These partnerships build lasting relationships with students, staff, parents and the greater community. They include:

  1. The Children’s Aid Society – program for children in care
  2. Jaku Konbit – program for black students
  3. Canadian Parents for French – online program for grade 3-12 students
  4. Community Houses – after school literacy program
  5. Ottawa Boys & Girls Club – after school literacy program.

Let’s Hear from the Educators

The tutoring program promotes a personalized learning environment for our students and boosts their confidence in learning. They benefit from working in small groups to develop and strengthen their Math and Language skills. These are the foundational skills required for success in the classroom.

Mrs. George, Grade 5-6 teacher

The small group instruction using Lexia’s Power-up program will undoubtedly be effective in helping our students improve their literacy skills. This program begins with students taking a placement quiz in three areas of study: grammar, word study and comprehension. Then, as the students work through their individualized learning and practice sessions, the instructor receives real-time feedback and is notified immediately when a student needs a specified lesson to be delivered. The small group instruction and immediate and intentional feedback help students work on their specific areas of need with direct support in a calm, quiet setting.

Jade LaChance teacher

The before/after school tutoring programs give us that critical extra time to reach the students academically and (more importantly) connect with them.

Resource Teacher/Mathematics Tutor Adam Cowley

This is a chance for students to gain the extra help they need. I wish this opportunity would happen every year!

Resource Teacher/Literacy Tutor Shannon Gasparotto

Let’s Hear from the Parents

These programs are perfect! My daughter loves working in the school before school starts. She feels special, and she loves it when the tutor takes extra time to explain things to her during the day.

Mother of Grade 4 Student in Before School Literacy and Embedded Literacy Program

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