Friday Feeling | Thank you, OCSB Administrative Staff!

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, students thanked our wonderful OCSB Administrative Staff for everything they do and continued to express their gratitude for Mother Earth. OCSB high school students also celebrated some big sports achievements this week.

Students at St. Francis of Assisi brightened Mrs. Kerry’s day with a special thank you for Administrative Professionals Day.

Thomas D’Arcy McGee students thanked their Office Administrators for everything they do to make their school a warm and welcoming place.

The students at St. Gregory celebrated Ms. Cathy and Ms. Marilynne for Administrative Professionals Day. They also gave a special shout-out to Ms. Stephanie.

The Kindergarten students at Dr. F.J. McDonald worked hard on a special thank you card for Mrs. Ellis so they could share their OCSB Gratitude with her on Administrative Professionals Day.

Grade 3 students at St. Luke Nepean explored science with an outdoor activity. They learned about structures in nature and are looking forward to applying what they learned to create their own structures.

St. Philip students leaned into their deep learning skills by researching and learning about boats. They created their very own paper boats and tested them outside in a puddle.

High school students at St. Matthew continued to do their part to protect our plant. They helped clear out some electronic recycling.

The spring rain brought out so many worms at Guardian Angels this week, so students took the time to collect their new friends and learn all about why earthworms are helpful to our planet.

The bean plants at St. Monica are growing tall with all the love and care offered by the students.

The Kindergarten students at St. Augustine have their very own chicken eggs to care for! The students are having so much fun learning about chicks.

The Lester B. Pearson Junior Girls Volleyball Team celebrated winning the Tier 2 National Capital Athletic Association Championship this week. Congratulations, team!

High school students at Sacred Heart had a great time learning about Emergency Services this week when an Emergency Responder paid a special visit to their class.

St. Peter students Katie and Dani celebrated winning the NCSSAA Badminton City Finals this week. Congratulations Katie and Dani!

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