Celebrating Earth Month 2022 at the OCSB!

Earth Day, April 22, 2022

Billions of people in over 190 countries, including an estimated 6 million Canadians, participate in Earth Day events every April 22. At the OCSB, our students and staff celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month.

Celebrating Nature

Throughout April, students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 will participate in various activities celebrating God’s creation and promoting environmental conservation and sustainability.

Integrating Environmental Learning

Our #ocsbEarth team works with educators to integrate environmental-themed events throughout the curriculum. The environment can provide an inspirational starting point for creativity in Math, English, Science and the Arts.

Earth Month Themes

Each week we will feature activities focusing on a different environmental theme: Wildlife; Plants, Insects, and Pollinators; the Four Elements of Nature; and Clean Water.

ocsbEARTH Month at a Glance

Throughout the action-packed month, students will explore and engage in hands-on activities to encourage students to become environmentally responsible citizens and stewards of God’s Creation.

Activities and eventsGradeDate 
Animals As Our Relations: Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Kinship – Carolynne CrawleyGr. 4-8April 5
Indigenous Perspectives on Reciprocal Relations with the Earth – Carolynne CrawleyGr. 9-12April 5
Unplugged Coding – a math and science coding lesson with an environmental themeK-2April 8
BBC micro:bit Coding – do your :bit – a math and science coding lesson with an environmental theme3-6April 8
Environmental Activity Sessions – in partnership with TVO Digital Learning. Interactive activity sessions focus on Plant/Ecosystem/Habitats catered to the appropriate grade levels.Gr. K-2Gr. 3-5Gr. 6-8April 11
Bees and Pollinating Insects – a talk with artist and photographer David Wysotski Gr. 5-9April 12
Nature by Runtz!! – Naturalist Mike Runtz speaks about insects, plants, and pollinators.Gr. 4-8April 13
Environmental Relationships, Climate Change, and Land-Based Protocols – Kyrstin DumontGr. 8-12April 20
Junior and Senior Environmental Career Panels sponsored by the Ottawa Network for Education. Gr. 5-6Gr. 7-12April 21April 22
Through the Eyes of Bears – Indigenous storytelling with Simon BrascoupeGr. K-6Gr. 7-12April 22 
Junkyard Symphony – an entertaining and musical platform to educate students on how to preserve and protect our environment using recycled materials as instrumentsGr. K-8Apri 25
Our Farm in the City – book talk with Ottawa author Kalli DakosGr. K-4April 27
Minecraft EDU: Building a Pollinator GardenGr. 3-6April 28
Minecraft EDU Earth Month Lesson Gr. 7-8April 28

Join Us on Social Media

Start the Earth Month conversation at home. Join us on social media as we celebrate #ocsbEarth Month in our schools. Our educators will be sharing what’s happening in their classrooms using our #ocsbEarth hashtag, or you can follow our environmental tweets @ocsbEco.

Encourage a Love for the Environment at Home

There are many simple things families can do to encourage a love for the Environment:

  • Go for nature walks.
  • Start a leaf collection in the fall and try to identify many species of trees.
  • Plant a window sill garden at home.
  • Go bird watching.
  • Identify and research insects you see outdoors.
  • Improve your family composting/recycling routines. Challenge yourself to produce only one ice cream container of garbage each week.
  • Reduce the use of single-use plastics.
  • Clean up your neighborhood! 

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