Friday Feeling | Learning Life Lessons

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, students are mastering many skills while learning at home. Whether it be art or math or baking, the learning never ends. Kudos to our amazing teachers for the engaging and tasty lessons.

An important lesson on baptism and spreading love started the week for the students at St. Cecilia School.

Learning how water is life and about the sacrament of baptism made for a relaxing lesson at Our Lady of Wisdom School.

St. Dominic School might just have the next great baker graduating from their school. Such fun and tasty results by the students. 

A great lesson in baking at home was fun for this Guardian Angels School student.  Yum!

Will it sink or will it float?  The students at Our Lady of Victory School used their observation skills in this interesting science lesson.

Look at the beautiful result when the Chapel Hill School students made magical milk fireworks in science class this week. 

Improving math skills is fun with everyday objects found at home for the St. Philip School students.

The principal at St. Anne School joined some students for an online read-aloud to end the week.

How fortunate that the St. Luke School, Nepean students had a World Champion & Olympian Athlete join them for a read-aloud.

One lucky class at St. Elizabeth School was thrilled when joined by some pros on the importance of taking a body break.  Good for the mind and the body.

A nice thank you to the custodians at St. Anne School and all of our school sites.

How proud we are that one of our St. Peter High School graduates is putting her Catholic Graduate Expectations into action!

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