OCSB Celebrates World Gratitude Day

Tomorrow the Ottawa Catholic School Board will be celebrating World Gratitude Day. This day was established by the United Nations in 1977 to unite the world for the message of thanks.

We give thanks to God

Our Spiritual Theme reminds us that gratitude is a virtue through which we can live our faith. It’s good to remember that happy people are not more gratefulgrateful people are more happy

The ultimate gratitude that we are called to express is to God for His goodness to us and our call to reflect God’s goodness in our school communities. As we move into Autumn, we can reflect on the many blessings we experienced throughout the summer and the bounty of the fall harvest that we will be enjoying. Furthermore, we are preparing to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation as the fall season ushers in nature’s painted beauty of our landscapes.

Take the #ocsbGratitude photo challenge

On Tuesday, September 21, we invite you to join the #ocsbGratitude photo challenge! Show your gratitude to three people who have shared God’s goodness with you. It’s easy to participate. Express your #ocsbGratitude on social media by sharing three photos affirming people who inspire Community, Wellness and Innovation.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ocsbGratitude and tag @ocsbRE! 

Father Gerard’s #ocsbGratitude challenge

Father Gerard Monaghan serves our community as the OCSB Faith Animator. We reached out to him for three photos of the #ocsbGratitude challenge, and here is who he picked and why. We can’t wait to see yours. Let’s honour people who nurture community, encourage wellness, and use their God-given talents to make our world a better place.

Someone who inspires Community: Tom D’Amico is a community builder who sent a thank you note to every employee to express his gratitude for them as they shared God’s goodness with their students and colleagues during challenging times.

Someone who inspires Wellness: Jennifer Quinn is a Consultant in our Religious Education Department and makes everyone feel like they belong, improving their sense of well-being with her joy-filled faith.

Someone who inspires Innovation: Bill Corcoran and the Learning Technologies team is innovative and used their God-given talents to make our lives saner over the last 18 months.

History of World Gratitude Day

The day was reportedly first observed in 1965, during a Thanksgiving gathering at the International East-West Center in Hawaii. Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual leader and meditation teacher, suggested the world could benefit from a day when everyone came together to give thanks. 

After the meeting in Hawaii, many attendees established “Gratitude Day” on September 21 when they returned to their own countries. In 1977 the United Nations Meditation Group requested a formal resolution to give recognition for World Gratitude Day. A formal ceremony was organized at the UN headquarters that year to honour Sri Chinmoy for his work. The number of people and countries celebrating Gratitude Day throughout the world continues to grow every year.

“A grateful heart is capable of Holy Work”

– Jen Norton

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