High School Honours 1 – OCSB Graduate Awards

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is known for its inspiring students who persevere through challenges, go above and beyond in academics, community and parish involvement and impact the world around them through kindness and generosity. In this series, we honour the difference-makers who are graduating from Ottawa Catholic high schools this year. We wish all of our graduates the best in their next chapter and celebrate the many personal achievements and proverbial mountains each student conquered on their way to earning their Ontario Secondary School diploma.

Here is a list of outstanding students recognized with an Ottawa Catholic School Board graduate award at their graduation ceremony this year.

The Director of Education Graduate Student Award

Recipients of this award will receive a certificate and a $1,500 bursary. These students exemplify the Ontario Catholic School Graduate expectations and have been accepted at a university or college. Each award winner achieved a high academic average in their Grade 11 and Grade 12 subjects and completed all Ontario Secondary School diploma requirements while consistently demonstrating positive social attitudes throughout their high school years. They are self-directed, responsible, lifelong learners who develop and demonstrate their God-given potential. They are caring individuals who attend to the needs of their family, school, parish and the community.


  • Justine Chittara (All Saints High School)
  • Ksenia Belanger (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Emma Ouelette (Immaculata High School)
  • Sarah Linn (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Badian Iteriteka (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Beth Wallace (Notre Dame High School)
  • Steven Murphy (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Josiah Dorval (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Vince-Andre Sudiacal (St. Joseph High School)
  • Claire Lamothe (St. Mark High School)
  • Robson Smith (St. Matthew High School)
  • Emilia Grace Stewart (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Danielle Verdon (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Pedro Rolim (St. Patrick High School)
  • Naomi Badour (St. Paul High School)
  • Shauna Ndoping (St. Peter High School)
  • Emma Jorge (St. Pius High School)

Director of Education Award for Academic Perseverance

Recipients of this award will receive a certificate and a $1,500 bursary. This award is given to a graduating student who has persevered in completing all the requirements for obtaining an Ontario Secondary School diploma, including the community service component and has demonstrated courage and determination while facing and overcoming adversity.


  • Maxene Bradshaw (All Saints High School)
  • Michael Elsaesser (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Caillie Monrad (Immaculata High School)
  • Maggie Verner (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Mary Chukwu (Notre Dame High School)
  • Uzo Ahuotu (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Qosay Aleleiwi (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Viczy Rivilla (St. Joseph High School)
  • Liam Baumann (St. Mark High School)
  • Grace Cowie (St. Matthew High School)
  • Gillian Diceman (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Lorelai Vent (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Alicée Lasuba (St. Patrick High School)
  • Mia Robles (St. Paul High School)
  • Vrince Kitamuliko (St. Peter High School)
  • Diana Romano (St. Pius High School)

Walking Towards Reconciliation

Recipients of this award will receive a certificate and a $1,000 bursary. The winners of this award have been involved with an initiative, project or event that has tried to encourage reconciliation, demonstrating empathy and understanding of the context, culture, perspectives or history of Indigenous peoples. Through daily actions and behaviours, they have shown an appreciation of the value of Indigenous cultures to Canadian society.


  • Tyson MacGinnis (All Saints High School)
  • Ghazal Al Saleh (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Tess Yeadon (Immaculata High School)
  • Dorcas Mwarabu (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Jenny Momo (Notre Dame High School)
  • Stephanie Willman (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Elizabeth Benhin (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Princess Afram (St. Joseph High School)
  • Samantha Rosenfeldt (St. Mark High School)
  • Austin Robitaille (St. Matthew High School)
  • Celina Tanbari (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Isabelle St. Aubin (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Mya Duperré (St. Paul High School)
  • Maimonah Al-Dulaimi (St. Patrick High School)
  • Lana Francella (St. Peter High School)
  • Nyameer Gony (St. Pius High School)

Destination Employability Award

Recipients of this award will receive a certificate and a $500 bursary. This award is given to graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Destination Employability program at their high school. The following students have completed their Ontario Secondary School diploma or certificate requirements and show an exceptional talent for their chosen pathway.


  • Leo Weeks (All Saints High School)
  • Owen Raedts (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Ryan Wtyman-Dagenais (Immaculata High School)
  • Serge Bien-Aime (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Brandon Watson (Notre Dame High School)
  • Daniel Burke (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • David Torres Ramos (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Christian Duport (St. Joseph High School)
  • Matt Cape (St. Mark High School)
  • Tyler Minniti (St. Matthew High School)
  • Trinity Grant (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Daniel Charbonneau (St. Nicholas High School)
  • Liam Soy (St. Patrick High School)
  • Michael Mercer (St. Paul High School)
  • Alexis Miner (St. Peter High School)
  • Dayana Quevedo (St. Pius High School)

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Award

Recipients of this award will receive a certificate and a $1,000 bursary. This award is given to graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program at their high school. They have completed their Ontario Secondary School diploma requirements, including the community service component and demonstrate a special dedication to pursuing a career in the skilled trades. They also have:

  • attained outstanding success in the view of their employers and cooperative education teachers;
  • demonstrated a well-rounded achievement in their education and community involvement; and
  • attained exceptional achievement in the context of economic, cultural or social barriers.


  • Tyler Phillips (All Saints High School)
  • Ethan McFadden (Holy Trinity High School)
  • Richard Muhindo (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  • Peter Zdanowski (Notre Dame High School)
  • Ryan Bumbala (Sacred Hearts High School)
  • Calvin Turner-Gillen (St. Francis Xavier High School)
  • Bradley Hutt (St. Mark High School)
  • Brendan Barbeau (St. Matthew High School)
  • Jaden Smith (St. Mother Theresa High School)
  • Jacob Berndt (St. Patrick High School)
  • Freddy Martinez Escorcia (St. Paul High School)
  • Thomas Turnbull (St. Peter High School)
  • Alexis Pacheco-Justafre (St. Pius High School)

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