Friday Feeling | Twitter highlights week 21

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, our schools celebrated a pseudo March Break, some calling it March Broken with lots of Spirit Week Activities including all things green for St. Patrick’s Day.  We continue to celebrate le mois de la Francophonie and schools are doing fantastic charitable work during the Holy season of Lent.

The cool March weather didn’t stop Mrs. Hodgins students at St. Leonard  School from having a great time during their winter carnival days. 

It was a perfect St. Patrick’s Day at St. Patrick Elementary School as the staff received these beautiful flowers thanking them.

McHugh Education Centre is in on the St. Patrick’s Day hijinks.  

When your teacher at St. Gabriel School combines spirit week with a St. Patrick’s Day activity and critical thinking skills all in one, you know it’s going to be a good time!  

The OCSB is blessed to have staff that share great activities.  Students in Mrs. Lee’s class at Holy Cross School are planning a trip to Ireland with a budget in mind, thanks to Ms. Nisbet.

Our hearts are full with this little one’s special find of a heart shaped piece of ice in the yard at St. Brother Andre School.

St. Daniel School students sporting sunny colours on Beach Day during Spirit Week.

Le mois de la Francophonie continues in Mme Strizzi’s class at Holy Family School as students participate in a school wide flag activity.

The school social committee at St. Marguerite d’Youville sure knows how to lift spirits up.

Amazing work by the families at St. George School for their Lenten project and collecting donations to support the Parkdale Food cupboard.  

This Grade 4 and Grade 6 class at St.Theresa School get an extra recess for raising the most money for their Lenten project.  Congratulations!

Who will trap the leprechaun in Ms. Esplins class at St. George School?

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