Friday Feeling | Twitter highlights week 14

This week’s 2021 #ocsbFridayFeeling features stories and photographs from staff and students who are making the most of these crazy times.

The principal at St. Philip School knows that it’s okay to have a lot of emotions.

Vice-Principal Ms. Gunning takes a moment to thank amazing OCSB colleagues.  Team work really does make the dream work.

Ms. Roach’s kindergarten class at Prince of Peace School sent special messages to former Archbishop of Ottawa-Cornwall Terrence Prendergast to wish him well in his retirement.

Another great day of learning for Mrs. St. Louis grade 2 student at St. Anne School.

These pictures of Ms. Juneau’s students at St. Anne School learning at home will make anyone smile.

Mme Desmarais Grade 4/5 class at St. Michael Fitzroy School had some fun recreating works of art with the Getty Museum Challenge.

Mrs. McBride’s grade 3 class at St. Kateri Tekakwitha School displayed their feelings on their beautiful Classroom Kindness Wall.

Sometimes a virtual hug is all you need.  This one came in the form of a quilt from a student at St. Anne School.

Who doesn’t love a science experiment that uses candy?  This colourful one comes from the students at St. Michael Ottawa School.

The St. Paul High School students will be thrilled to return to this rink being created by the principal.

Enjoying some outdoor fun with the DE Class at St. Paul High School.

Holy Spirit School teacher Mrs. Sloan is feeling like a kid again and that is just fine.

Mrs. Coxall’s students at St. Luke Nepean School get a reminder to be you and make time to pray everyday.

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