Webinars for Parents: ABA in Your Home

Distance Learning can be stressful for students with special needs and their families. To help navigate the process, our OCSB Behaviour Team produced a five-part webinar series for parents. The series focuses on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and offers helpful tips on motivating all students, creating positive learning environments and encouraging realistic goal-setting.

Check out the playlist on our YouTube channel or view below:

Part 1: Holding the Key

Figure out what motivates your child or teen to set yourselves up for success while learning from home.

Part 2: Pick What Fits

Set learning goals that work with your everyday family life.

Part 3: Scheduling for Success

Create a learning schedule that works for your family.

Part 4: Set the Stage

Learn how to break down goals into smaller steps that can easily fit into your day.

Part 5: Putting it all together

Hear examples that pull all the video strategies together by setting a few goals every day.

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