Collecting & Returning Items from School

We know parents have been waiting to find out when and how they can collect their child’s personal items from their school. We received approval from Ottawa Public Health and can now share how you can collect your child’s belongings safely.

Your school will contact you to:

  • Ensure you, or the person picking up your child’s personal items meet the Ottawa Public Health requirements to go into the school.
  • Assign you a 10-15 minute period you can access the school. 
Elementary Timelines
In most schools, parent access to pick up their child’s belongings will start on June 15.
High School Timelines
In most schools, student access to their lockers will start on June 8.

Things to bring to school

  • If you have a mask, consider wearing it when you come to school.
  • A garbage bag to retrieve all of the items from your child’s desk or locker (if applicable).
  • A pen (some schools ask you to sign-in when you enter the school).
Returning items that belong to the school
If you need to return library books or items that belong to the school, please label with the names of your child and their classroom teacher. Only Grade 12 students or students not returning to an OCSB school in the fall need to return their borrowed Chromebook or internet stick at this time. Everyone else is asked to hold onto them and return in the fall. School staff will let you know where to return your items.

At the school

  • You should have received an email from your school principal explaining the process – but don’t worry, school staff will be on-site to answer any of your questions. 
  • Go through the designated door of the school. If the door is locked, please ring the front door buzzer, and someone will let you in.
  • Wash your hands frequently using hand sanitizer.
  • Resist the urge to socialize. While we understand this will be challenging, it’s important for everyone’s safety that you don’t engage in lengthy conversations with school staff or other parents and exit the school before your 10-15-minute time slot is over.
  • Keep a safe distance (2 metres or 6 feet) from others at all times. If you need to use the elevator, do not enter the elevator if someone else is in it.
Lost and found
If you need to retrieve an item from your school’s lost and found, please remember to practice physical distancing. Items will be spread out to help avoid crowding. 

When leaving school

  • Don’t forget to wash your hands!

We have an infographic that sums all this information up that you can look at or download below.

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