Ottawa Catholic School Board Students Excel at Provincial French Public Speaking Competition

The 39th Annual French Public Speaking Competition, “Concours d’art oratoire,” recently celebrated the remarkable linguistic talents of students from across the province. This year, two exceptional students from the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) stood out, capturing prestigious accolades and bringing pride to their schools and community. These young orators are among Ottawa’s best and the finest in Ontario.

Paschal Fontillas, a student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School, secured the first-place title in the Traditional 12 Extended category. Meanwhile, Sayohn David of All Saints Catholic High School earned an impressive second-place finish in the Traditional 12 Francophone category. Their outstanding performances underscore the dedication, hard work, and talent nurtured within the OCSB community.

These accolades testify to the students’ commitment to excellence, supported by their families, educators, and the broader community. The Ottawa Catholic School Board’s focus on fostering academic achievement and cultural appreciation is clearly reflected in Paschal and Sayohn’s success.

These Grade 11 and 12 champions are set to represent Ontario at the CPF National Concours d’art oratoire in June. They will carry with them the collective pride and hopes of their schools and the entire Ottawa Catholic School Board community.

Join us in applauding these remarkable students and the Ottawa Catholic School Board for fostering an environment where linguistic and academic excellence can thrive.

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