Spreading Kindness While Saving the Planet: St. Anne School’s Paperless Challenge

At the OCSB, kindness knows no bounds, extending not only to others but also to the environment! As we celebrate Earth Month this April, we’re proud to share how our St. Anne School combined kindness and environmental stewardship in their paperless initiative.

Creative Expressions of Kindness

During Kindness Week, St. Anne School set out to spread love and compassion, all while minimizing their environmental footprint. Students embraced the challenge, channeling their creativity into various innovative, paperless initiatives.

Outdoor Art

Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes took their kindness outdoors, using their bodies to form heartwarming messages captured through photography.

Canva Creations

Multiple classes used Canva to design various paperless kindness messages. The digital platform effectively spread positivity from Grade 6’s humorous posters to kindergarten’s heartfelt cards.

Innovative Messaging

Seeking alternatives to paper and pencil, students used chalk, snow, and whiteboards to share kind messages and pictures, demonstrating resourcefulness and adaptability.

Digital Kindness Books

Leveraging online tools, a Grade 4 class crafted digital kindness books to share with their kinder-buddies.

Deep Learning and Environmental Citizenship

This initiative isn’t just about spreading goodwill. It’s about fostering essential skills and values. Aligned with our commitment to Deep Learning, this project provides students valuable opportunities to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and demonstrate sound environmental citizenship. By caring for the planet, students develop empathy, responsibility, and digital skills essential for future success.

A Brighter Future

The Ottawa Catholic School Board believes that practicing kindness should be a lifelong commitment, not just limited to a week. Our goal is to instill values that extend beyond the classroom. As we celebrate Earth Month, let us continue to inspire kindness and sustainability in our children so that we can pave the way for a brighter and more compassionate future.

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