OCSB Standing Against Racism Week 2024

This week, March 18-22, OCSB students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 will participate in our board’s second annual Standing Against Racism Week. A week of interactive activities and workshops run by experts and educators aims to engage students in the fight against racism.

The purpose of the week is to:

  • Engage our students and community in rich, age-appropriate conversations about bias awareness and anti-racism;
  • Celebrate the contributions of Indigenous, Black, and racialized people to Canadian society;
  • Learn about the experiences of other races.

A week to focus on human dignity and anti-racism

Our theme this year is “I see you.” The phrase acknowledges the dignity of the human being, which is imperative in all anti-racism work. It can mean that we see a person’s race, ethnicity, religion – their whole self and acknowledge the beauty in these elements.  The phrase validates each person’s uniqueness and value.  It affirms people and impacts their self-esteem.

Standing Against Racism Week Highlights

GradeActivities and eventsDate 
5-12Keynote – Judy Trinh, correspondent for CTV National News, based in Ottawa, will share her story and speak to students about Anti-Racism. March 18 
K-12MASC artist Jacqui Du Toit performance and workshop based on stories from South Africa. March 18
K-4Livestream event with First Nations author Brittany Luby (Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation). She will answer student questions, as well as read to us from one of her latest children’s books.March 19
7-12What’s Your Story panel – First Nations storyteller Louise Profeit-Leblanc, fashion designer/influencer Stacey Martin, Multicultural Liaison Officer Janet Torres and OCSB student trustee Jaden Zhang as they share their stories about “sharing stories” and seeing others!  Students will learn more about anti-racism and how some people make a difference through art and work.March 19
7-12Béatrice Lafortune – Special FSL presentation during Standing up Against Racism Week.March 19 and 20
5-12ONFE Equity/Diversity Career Panel – Students will hear from panelists who have developed careers around equity, diversity and inclusion in various industries, including tourism, social services, education, and automotive. The panelists will share their career and education pathways, information about their field of work and the barriers they have overcome. March 20
Parents & EducatorsCSPA Parent Event – Respectful: Conversations about Race – Join inspiring thought leader and presenter Lesa Williams-George for an engaging session designed to build your knowledge of antiracism, provide you with ideas on how to talk about race, and practical tips on how you can support your child in building their understanding through techniques like noticing and naming. Registration Link.March 20
7:00-8:30 pm
5-12Make a Difference Presentation – Special youth guests Keshana King and Asma Muhammad. They’ll share how they got started as activists, about the social justice work that they’ve done, and why making a difference in society means so much to them.March 21

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You and your child can experience Standing Against Racism Week at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Share your photos and experiences online using our hashtags: #ocsbStandingTogether, #ocsbISeeYou, #ocsbEquity, #ocsbBeCommunity.

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