From Mascot to Mural: St. Michael’s Three-Year Deep Learning Journey

At St. Michael School, the spirit of community and collaboration thrives, and the journey to find an identity has been nothing short of inspiring. Over the past three years, St. Michael’s students and staff embarked on an enriching Deep Learning journey, culminating in adopting a school mascot and creating a vibrant mural that reflects the school’s values and multicultural identity.

The Making of a Mascot

In the 2021-2022 school year, St. Michael School lacked a unifying symbol to rally behind. Principal Deborah Langdon, along with the dedicated grade 6 students and their teacher, Jennifer Moore, took up the challenge to fill this void. Through collaborative efforts and leveraging digital platforms, students designed potential mascots and initiated a school-wide voting process. The result? The birth of Pete the Panther is a symbol of strength and unity.

Embracing the Panther Pride

With the mascot chosen, the St. Michael community embraced the Panther identity wholeheartedly. A daily recital of a “Panther Pledge” has since become a cherished tradition, reinforcing the school community’s values. Recognizing the significance of this endeavour, stakeholder Pool Works generously contributed to the cause, providing every school member with a Pete the Panther t-shirt.

A Mural of Unity and Diversity

Building on this momentum, St. Michael’s embarked on another ambitious project this year. Collaborating with artist Jimmy Baptiste, the school’s Black Student Association and French Immersion students embarked on creating a breathtaking graffiti mural. Located prominently in the front foyer, the mural serves as a visual celebration of the school’s values, diversity, and inclusivity. Pete the Panther stands tall amidst vibrant colours, symbolizing the vibrant spirit of the St. Michael’s community.

St. Michael’s continues to celebrate its identity and accomplishments as the school year progresses. Through the unveiling of Pete the Panther and the vibrant mural, the school reaffirms its commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and pride among its students and stakeholders. St. Michael’s exemplifies the power of collaboration, creativity, and community spirit with each brush stroke and every roar of Panther Pride.

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